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I just returned from a road trip (family business down east in Toronto the last two weeks) and on the road we listened to three audio books:


Stanley Tucci - Taste: My Life Through Food

Andrew McCarthy - Brat: An 80s Story

Rob Lowe - Stories I Only Tell My Friends


Believe me, I never really gave a darn about them in the past.


Each of the books are narrated by the actor. I have never given a second glance at an actor's story about their life. Really, I never cared.

But my wife loves many actors and I have learned to try and listen to her interests, not just staying in my comfort zone of fiction audio books.


The stories are very interesting, the actors telling events from their perspectives, away from the tabloid spin and what I always thought was simply publicity stunts to get attention.

Very honest, very real, as if I knew them? Crossed paths with them through friends of friends who knew a guy...


Just suggestions. Search them if you like.

I learned a lot and really enjoyed listening to them speak about the decades past when I ignored them.

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