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Found 21 results

  1. Mods please remove if this is the wrong place to post. The below text is just the description I wrote for the Video. After doing some research I discovered that one of the Bonus Tracks on the Rush In Rio CD had a corresponding Bootleg video. I located the video and got to work enhancing the Video using AI, converting the video to 60FPS, and Stabilizing the video as well. The audio and video were a perfect match and merged together well. I hope to do more projects like these in the near future.
  2. I want to see people crying like babies with nostalgia over this album. Come on now, bawl like little brats! :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:
  3. I was curious to get some peoples' opinions on this. I recently finished Ghost Rider and, the next day, put on my VT CD to listen to (the remix/remaster – I'm not a masochist!). Anyway, it was interesting to hear the album in a "reflected in another source of light" as it were, specifically the songs related to Neil's travels. I obviously always knew the big picture of what happened from 1997 to 2002, but reading all the details gave some more context. For example, beyond the obvious "Ghost Rider", there is "Secret Touch" relating to his experience with Gabrielle; the mentioning of tarot cards in "Peaceable Kingdom" (probably inspired by the surprisingly accurate tarot card reading he had done); the line, "You can't tell yourself how to feel" in "How It Is", which is recurrent throughout the latter half of the book. Actually, in terms of "Ghost Rider", I heard the lines, "There's a shadow on the road behind / There's a shadow on the road ahead" differently upon the most recent listen, and connect it to perhaps his reference of a "splintered personality" during his healing journey, of which the Ghost Rider was one facet. It's strange because I always thought I knew what Vapor Trails was, and now it has given me a new perspective.
  4. Once you RUSH posers get your hands on the new RUSH Vapor Trails remix edition, will it mean the end of the road for your VT 2002 copy? Or will you find yourself sticking with the old one??? Only time will tell of course, but what is your feeling right now based on the two VT song remixes from a while back? :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi: :guitar:
  5. I would like to say a few things about the Vapor Trails album. I became a Rush fan somewhere around 1997/1998 when a long time Rush fan, who was about twenty years older than me, introduced me to them. Before that my favorite bands were Led Zeppelin and the Smashing Pumpkins. The first album to come out when I became a Rush fan was Different Stages, a live album I still love very much to this day. Back then I was under the impression Rush were finished. I heard the stories of the tragedies that went on in Neil's life and I thought there would be no more new studio albums. When I heard they were working on a new album around 2002 I could not believe it. I was over the moon. I remember finally getting Vapor Trails and listening to it for the first time. The drum intro to One Little Victory blew me away. Vapor Trails sounded like nothing the band had done before. It sounded so fresh to me. I really loved every song on the album. The lyrics really touched me. I still think some of Neil's most profound and touching lyrics are to be found on the Vapor Trails album. I also really loved Neil's drumming and Geddy's bass playing on the album. But more than anything else, I felt the songs were powerful and beautiful. To this day, I love Vapor Trails and it is still one of the albums I listen to the most. The production never bothered me. In fact, I like the original production more than the remixed album. I think the original production suits the vibe of the album. In my opinion, Vapor Trails is one of their best albums. The songwriting is fantastic and the songs have a very powerful, emotive quality to them. Songs like Ceiling Unlimited, Ghost Rider, Earthshine, and Secret Touch are diamonds in the Rush catalog in my opinion. Secret Touch I consider one of their very best songs. Songs like How It Is, Sweet Miracle, and The Stars Look Down are also personal favorites of mine. I love Vapor Trails a lot. It is a beautiful album in my opinion. This album gets a lot of hate, mainly because of the production, so I just wanted to write something positive about it, just because I love it so much.
  6. I regards to the song (not the album), is it "Vapor Trails" or "Vapor Trail" The CD case says "Vapor Trail" but when I put it in iTunes, it called it "Vapor Trails." Different people say different things, but what is the proper name of the song?
  7. Well it's certainly been a loooong time since I've last been online here, but I just felt I had to say this. I prefer the pre-remix Vapor Trails. I think a lot of the people who were disliking it may have been blinded by their own expectations of what Rush should sound like. Relatively it's the most different sounding album they've made. It's a little harsh sounding at times, but I love it. Alex's tone is pretty rough but I think it adds a certain emotional grit to the songs that work well with the themes of loss and pain. Listening with my nice wrap-around headphones now, I honestly think it sounds good, and that the songs are well crafted with some of the best rhythms and melodies Rush has written. When I listen to the remix it feels like a lot of the dynamics have been taken out. You used to be able to hear the energy of the songs shift as certain parts swelled, exploded, and soared between the changing parts, and now it just all feels flat to me. And I don't like changes to the vocals and lead parts. Anyone else feel this way?
  8. One Little Victory - 8 Ceiling Unlimited - 10 Ghost Rider - 9 Peaceable Kingdom - 9 The Stars Look Down - 8 How It Is - 7 Vapor Trail - 9 Secret Touch - 8 Earthshine - 10 Sweet Miracle - 7 Nocturne - 10 Freeze - 9 Out Of The Cradle - 3
  9. This is really cool: RushRail is a Swedish train company that specializes in transporting wood logs. http://www.rushrail.se/gallery/image1.jpghttp://www.rushrail.se/gallery/image8.jpg http://www.rushrail....ldgalleri.shtml Their logo reminded me a little bit of... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/85/Rush_Vapor_Trails.jpg
  10. Original CD (2002) HDTracks 24/96 2013 CD Remix Tracks DR6 DR6 DR7 01 - One Little Victory DR5 DR6 DR8 02 - Ceiling Unlimited DR5 DR6 DR7 03 - Ghost Rider DR5 DR8 DR7 04 - Peaceable Kingdom DR5 DR7 DR8 05 - The Stars Look Down DR5 DR7 DR6 06 - How It Is DR5 DR7 DR8 07 - Vapor Trail DR4 DR6 DR7 08 - Secret Touch DR5 DR6 DR7 09 - Earthshine DR5 DR6 DR7 10 - Sweet Miracle DR5 DR7 DR7 11 - Nocturne DR6 DR7 DR8 12 - Freeze (Part IV of "Fear") DR4 DR8 DR7 13 - Out Of The Cradle Official DR Value Official DR Value Official DR Value 5 7 7 Readings taken using "DR14 T.meter"
  11. Slack jaw gaze


    One of the most underrated songs in the catalog IMO. Very pleased with the remix. I was worried the dirty riff would be too clean, but the essence of the song was kept while everything else was cleaned up. Earthshine was also cleaned up while keeping the riff true to the original. I didn't like the earlier remix of this song. The heavy essence was lost.
  12. I don't know if they copied everything in the liner notes from the original version, but this really stood out for me: As always we owe our families a huge debt of love, gratitude, appreciation, and attention. We also owe them an apology. <---- Is it some kind of Rush humor or is there something to it? Just got me curious anyway.
  13. While the sound is much better in all, the biggest improvements for me were Sweet Miracle, Secret Touch, and Freeze. I'm missing that prominent guitar riff around "If laughter is a straw for a drowning man" in Ceiling Unlimited.
  14. Hear a brand new interview I did with Paul Northfield (producer / engineer of Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves, Signals, Exit Stage Left and Vapor Trails). A lot of great Rush stories to be had, and a great insight into the recording of those records. Rush stuff starts around the 26 minute mark. Also included are stories about working with Gentle Giant, Pat Travers, April Wine, Kim Mitchell, Ozzy Osbourbe, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree and others. You can hear the interview here:
  15. I really like the look of the remastered Vapor Trails album cover http://img.rush.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Rush_VaporTrails_Remix_Cover.jpg
  16. Check out this well put together video of Freeze from Vapor Trails that deserves a lot more views considering how long ago it was posted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2hVQzJxRT0&list=PLmtjR38ATGY6MbEP5--rKXr9bwdBWILPT
  17. The Newly Remixed Version Of Vapor Trails And 7-Disc Boxed Set Of Atlantic Studio Albums Both Are Available On October 1 from Atlantic/Rhino (September 30 internationally) The Vapor Trails Remixed album will be available on CD, Double LP, and digital download on October 1 from Atlantic/Rhino. "Vapor Trails was an album made under difficult and emotional circumstances -- sort of like Rush learning how to be Rush again -- and as a result, mistakes were made that we have longed to correct. David Bottrill�s remixes have finally brought some justice and clarity to this deserving body of our work," says Geddy Lee. "Every song has been given a new life, from the fire of 'One Little Victory,' 'Secret Touch,' and 'Ceiling Unlimited' to the melodic musicality of 'Sweet Miracle' and 'How It Is'... these songs have been redeemed. Thank you David!" Neil Peart also wrote about the remix in his July 2013 update, "On These Days." The band had recently been overseeing a remixed version of our Vapor Trails album, from 2002, as we had never been happy with how it turned out. I found that trying to listen to those songs again was too upsetting, taking me back to a mindset and emotional state that hadn't been good to live through then, or to relive now. I had to "recuse" myself from those judgments, and the Guys at Work understood, of course.http://neilpeartnews..._medium=twitter
  18. Hey People, The Vapor Trails version Mastered for iTunes sounds much better than the original CD mastering. Check it out! Not Remixed, but better than nothing for now! I think the work was done by Andy Vandette at Masterdisk (is part of the "Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007" set released today)
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