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Found 12 results

  1. I was excepted into the political forum months ago, but can not access it now. Is it still active, or am I doing something wrong? Yes...I know this is not the ideal forum for this question, but I'm stupid.
  2. I really like the band Rush. I grew up in their Hometown of Willowdale, I lived just a few blocks away from Alex Lifeson's childhood home, and I'm even going to their highschool. I started listening to them when I turned 13, I had rode my bike back and forth from Toronto city with the two albums Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves between my arms and when I first listened to them, it was amazing. I grew up in a dysfunctional family and I'd escape mainly by listening to them. Hell, I even found a passion of writing from being inspired by their song 2112. I could listen to their songs forever and it would never bother me. Three years after, I've found it where I mindlessly just go strait to youtube, go to my favourites, and just pick a song without even thinking about what I'm listening to. I came really dependant on their music for lots of reasons. I went through a lot of emotional turmoil with my family as a young kid, I'm still going through this today and I've always found hope in their lyrics. Like I've said before, I've found a passion in writing due to Rush, I feel like I owe them everything for helping me find something that I was actually worth. Finally, they bring back so many memories of when I was younger. When I listened to them back then it was easy to get swept away but now I've just grown used to it. Strange enough, I used to be obsessed with Pink Floyd. I listened to them so many times it had gotten stale. I found Rush a few months after losing interest in them and I was hooked. I'm trying to take a short break from rush so I can experience that new feeling again, but I feel so empty. I'm starting my first day tomorrow, and while I sit here in utter silence, I feel... well, weird. It feels like I'm just letting all those memories flow behind me, and it feels sorta painful. Any suggestions? Has anyone else felt this before, and if so is there any possible way to get that same new feeling from their music?
  3. There are some big Gentle Giant fans here, and quite a few fans of Jethro Tull, and I have researched both bands a little, but am stuck on where to start. Could some of you more experienced fans please take a moment to give me a briefing on each groups discography?? I want advice as, more than any other prog bands, these two groups intimidates me. Do not suggest I am looking for the easiest listen (I began my Yes journey with Tales, and it could not have turned it any better for me), but after all the help I had from you guys with Yes and recently Genesis, I am hoping for a bit of a push with these two bands.
  4. So I've just read that Headlong Flight was originally an instrumental called 'Take That Lampshade Off Yo Head!' and on hearing this, I tried to imagine how it would sound without the vocals and now I really want to hear it for real! I think it would be so much better. Does anyone know of an instrumental only version that's knocking about on the internet?
  5. Yeah, I totally just ordered the Rush bobbleheads. I need help. But at least now my new best friends will be arriving by post in a couple weeks :P.
  6. The Next Unread Topic button worked fine for me, up until recently, when I started to get this message: Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#10356] There are no newer topics in this forum. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator 90% of the time that I used it in "Rush". However, when I check, there are still unread topics (I know about polls showing up as unread but most of them aren't polls)... is anyone else getting this issue?
  7. I learnt Hope and O'Malley's break. I started to like the acoustic guitar only songs with no signer just one acoustic guitar doing his thing. If you guys know any other songs like Hope I would really like to learn them.
  8. Hey Everyone. I am constantly plagued with the question on whether or not it is odd my choice of favorite bands/artists. Obviously Rush is my favorite band, but before I heard Rush for the first time, I was a huge Green Day fan, and I made the leap without much hesitation, all my colleagues at my music school found it odd that I could jump so quickly from the simple styles of punk rock to the diverse and hard to digest genre of Prog rock, and they are all musicians who are supposed to be open to all genres. Later on I discovered Oingo Boingo, a somewhat hard to classify band (closest to 80's alternative dance rock) that was fronted by film composer Danny Elfman. Though others could at least tell I could relate rush to them because of their non-conformist writing and composition, people found their sound different still to accept how I could so easily jump to this band. Then I made probably the most odd jump of all. I became a major fan of Owl City. For those who don't know, he is an indie Synth-pop/rock act that has two hits with Fireflies and Good Time. In other words, I jumped into popular music. He still had a great quality of writing that I loved, and I could relate to his basement synth compositions and common themes of insomnia and introversion, but people were still shocked, even my other musician buddy who up until then understood my changes had a hard time digesting this (I got him to turn around eventually though). And now I have finally I have gotten into They might be Giants, which though is a more understandable group after seeing how eclectic my music choices are, still seem far away from everything else with their more homespun indie sound. Or to Sum up, I like... Rush (Prog), Oingo Boingo (80's Alternative Dance Rock), Owl City (Indie Synth pop), They Might be giants (Alternative), and Green Day (pop-punk). What does everyone think? Thanks for reading my ramblings. RushBoingo
  9. Hey I need some help regarding how the presales are gonna work for Milwaukee Summerfest, the email was misleading because it said the presale was tomorrow at 10am when in fact, the fan club presales were happening that day. So now I have to use the Summerfest presale Does anyone know HOW I can gain access to the presale? Do I just go on at 10am tonmorrow or is there a special code I need to enter?
  10. How do the Fan Club Presales work? Do I have to join the fan club. If so how do I do that? I wish they would have given us more notice!
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