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  1. Yesterday they still had the last few shows in the US before the over seas shows.....today is only over seas dates....maybe tomorrow next dates released...... http://www.rush.com :dweez: :dweez:
  2. I too am hoping for a Rush Red Rock show....Just got married in October...we have decided to wait on our Honey Moon in hopes of flying from Louisville to Colorado to see them at red Rocks as our Honeymoon night......Thhey are the only ones that I want to see there so hoping for a show to cross off my bucket list...we saw the CA Tour in Indy I have seen the band almost every tour since Signals and this is the best tour yet.......Red Rocks would just top it all...hope to see you all there in 2013 ......
  3. Any one remember when last year they released their Spring tour dates?
  4. Now that the first leg of the tour is done I have been wondering about the bands tour figures Tickets sold , Revenue made, a Attendance figures and so on and so on..... Can any one direct me to the right spot? I personally have been a Rush fan since late 70's have seen them 15 tiems now I think and I never ever leave a Rush show dissapointed....It gets frustrating to see so much bickering on the message boards about the set list and such...I am just honored just to have the chance to see them live again.....I think the "TRUE" Rush fan would go see Rush play anything that they wanted to play. Sorry had to get that off my chest...Drove from Louisville to Indy to see CA and again I was just as happy to see them play that set as any other set in the past... Taking a back step any info on the tour numbers would be cool
  5. Can anyone who has a copy of this show get me a copy?....i cant get dimeadozen to work on my Mac... Would anyone be willing to do oa B & P? I will send a show your way as well...as best as I can get its 6-16-81 not real sure but its that tour Inbox me if anyone can....will do B & P's for anyone who wants this show that I hve
  6. The day the CA album came out Iand when I first heard The Garden, I cried my eyes out....That song just did me in...The same happens in Bravado sometimes.... To me The Gardne just reflect my life of getting older ...I have a huge Garden in my back yard that I tend to and nurture as much as I can...I have measured my life thru love and respect before and it is so hard to earn and its easily burned. The hours continue to tick away and the cells too....The Watchmaker (God to me anyhow) still has time up his sleeve for me....My future every day disappears into memory with moments (days) between....to my its just about growing up aging you know It is what it is and forever...its just a very very very well put together piece of song that touches me and others too so it seems Tears has done the same in past years not in a long time... The Pass has gotten to me before as well.....Growing up into becoming an adult "Nothings what I tought it would be" anyhow...Yes The Garden does get me in a Trance too see you guys in Indy? Let me know whos going
  7. Not if they play, but "When" they play The Garden I will cry my eyes heart and soul out.....
  8. I have: On Album: Rush. Fly By Night, 2112, All The WOrlds A Stage, Archives, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Exit...Stage Left, Signals, Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows On Cassette: Hold Your Fire, Counter Parts,A Show Of Hands, Presto (2 copies) On CD: Different Stages, Roll The Bones, test For Echo, Vapor Trails, Snakes And Arrows, Feed Back, Live In Rio
  9. Just in case anyone wants to check it out.... http://www.pollstarpro.com/files/Charts201...ericanTours.pdf
  10. As I am trying to win tickets to this shoew cause its in my back yard, the DJ just said that because our NEW AREANA is just so cool that Louisville and Cleveland would be filmed....... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KFC_Yum!_Center check it out
  11. So just for fun I was checking on tickets for the Louisville show, and this agency already has Rush tickets and they have not even gone on sale yet!!!! How can this be
  12. QUOTE (bravado @ Sep 13 2010, 07:09 PM) Would like to get amrried at a RUSH concert on stage.....anyone know how to get this done???? Both of us are HUGE fans...we met about 24 yrs ago.....she was my best friends girl....stayed friends over the years and RUSH has always been oneof our main connections.... just wonder if it could be done input??? forgot to include....She plays Bass and is just always rippin Geddy licks.....When we "re-Connected a few years ago, we took all of our kids I have 3 she has 2 to see the band all of them loved it...her Daughters Dad has been in (mostly) and out of prison all of their lives so I am adopted Dad...anyhow her Daughters laugh at us all the time about how excited we get about anything Rush....one of them had a dream about us getting married at a show this was in 08....now I would like to make it come true at a show on the stage she could stand on Geddys side and I on Alex's.... I play guitar, not very well but none the less.....I have lurked on the board for a long long time, and have pondered if the band member or crew check in some say yes some say no...so if any rush crew members, band members, office members or tour members can help....pm me ....I will be drafting up a letter to Anthem records as long as an e-mail...... Her favorite song that reminds her of us is Different Strings....... All there really is, The two of us And we both know why we've come along. Nothing to explain, It's a part of us To be found within a song. What happened to our innocence, Did it go out of style? Along with our naivete No longer a child. Different eyes see different things, Different hearts beat on different strings. But there are times For you and me, when all such things agree.
  13. My three kids Son 16 Daughter 14 and Son 10....totally get into Rush...they have been to two shows each....In Cincinnati I remember a guy askin if that was my Son singing every word to every song....proudly I said YES........
  14. Would like to get amrried at a RUSH concert on stage.....anyone know how to get this done???? Both of us are HUGE fans...we met about 24 yrs ago.....she was my best friends girl....stayed friends over the years and RUSH has always been oneof our main connections.... just wonder if it could be done input???
  15. yes will be fun............im an old school rush fan
  16. Actually the Camera Eye was played on Moving Pictures tour and Exit...Stage Left tour...and an abreviated version on Signals....... Regardless.....will still be fun to hear again as will Witch Hunt, and Vital Signs... Check it out http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/rush/setlis...#MOVINGPICTURES
  17. My girlfriend an I are hoping to fly out to Colorado to see that show from kentucky, my main question is Will they sell out Red Rocks????? How far from Denver is it???
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