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    PAISLEY, Scotland
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    Main interests going to concerts, cinema and going to the pub with my chums and having a laugh.

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    Snakes & Arrow tour
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    Anthem, Bastille Day,Working Man,By-tor, What Youre Doing,Animate
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    All The World's a Stage
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    2nd row in front of Geddy for the 30th Anniversay Tour - best concert OF ALL TIME and best nighte of my life.
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    Sabbath, Budgie, Zep, UFO, Deep Purple, Floyd, Krokus, Hawkwind,Scorps, NWOBHM especially Diamond Head,Angelwitch,Saxon, Blitzkrieg, Tank, Girlschool, Praying Mantis
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  1. QUOTE (Docmilsap @ Nov 21 2010, 03:51 PM)QUOTE (LaVilla @ Nov 21 2010, 01:40 AM) What was the chances of someone from Paisley being on this board, Lol, And congrats on the 2nd row, And best of luck this time round ;-) I'm born & Bred in Paisley.....Live in Renfrew now!! As for pre-sale some presales don't have front row tickets for sale, they keep them for the box office general sale!! Coool!!!! Don't think I've ever been on a forum and there's been more than one paisley buddy on it. Whereabouts in Paisley did you used to live - Im in Glenburn. I cant remember if I got my 2nd row tickets for R30 and S&A pre-sale or general sale - I think it might have been the general sale.
  2. QUOTE (LaVilla @ Nov 21 2010, 01:40 AM)What was the chances of someone from Paisley being on this board, Lol, And congrats on the 2nd row, And best of luck this time round ;-) LOL I dont think I'mgoing to get a decent ticket this time around though, when the presale happens and the general sale tickets go on sale, I will be working both days and canny get online if the supervisor is hovering around which she always does apart from 1-2pm when she is on lunch but by that time all the front row tix will be long gone . I will have to rely on my pal to try and get good tickets.
  3. QUOTE (Jean Simmons @ Nov 20 2010, 01:15 AM)That was from the stench of all those in from Paisley and Cumbernauld Pardon???? It took a while for the R30 tour to sell out. Tickets had been on sale for about 3 months before I eventually bought one, and even then for some srange reason I managed to get a 2nd row ticket. No idea how I managed to get such a superb ticket just about a month before the concert.
  4. QUOTE (Storm Shadow @ Feb 19 2010, 12:29 AM)QUOTE (Xanadu Princess @ Feb 18 2010, 06:15 PM) Tank Tank! I love them. Turn Your Head Around is one of my favorite songs ever. That song is fantastic. Echoes of a Distant Battle,Thats what Dreams are Made of and Turn Your Head Around prob my fav 3 songs. I wasn't expecting to see another Tank fan on here . I saw Tank a few times - best time was through in Edinburgh - three bands on the bill - Tank, Angel Witch and Girlschool. Absolutely amazing night. I've still actually got a Tank patch on my denim jacket This tour http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h169/Princess_of_the_Night747/angelwitch.jpg
  5. I was listening to a few tracks from Earthshaker tonight - what an album, totally superb. Can't wait to see them again now, jealous of you seeing them in May!!!!. Have you met them a few times Rushhead? Im, glad when I did finally see them that it was in such a tiny venue and though I didnt actually meet them, I was only about 2 feet away from the band. They are still very popular over here - still hear quite a lot of their songs played on rock radio and planet rock. In fact, I picked a Y & T song when I my Rockblock got played on Planet Rock radio (10 of your fav songs get played at lunchtime). I picked Rescue Me - another cracking song.
  6. lol now there's a blast from the past - I really liked one of their songs, cant remember what it was called offhand though.
  7. QUOTE (Sonatine @ Feb 18 2010, 11:28 PM)Hanoi Rocks!! Damn, completely forgot about those mad bad Fins! "Two Steps from the Move" - nice They were a fantastic band - they have quite recently split up -but I was lucky enough to see them a couple of years ago when they played here. They supported Twisted Sister - wow what a concert that was - stunning. Monroe's one of the best frontmen I've ever seen. Michael Monroe has got another band up and running now, not sure what they're called, but I think that guy from the Wildhearts is in it.
  8. LOL Rushhead. I've been into Y & T for about 20 years. I was in a record shop and Earthshaker was playing, didnt know who the band was and asked who it was, and then bought the album. Absolutely magnificent band, and finally got to see them about 2 years ago in a small club in Glasgow - only about 200 folk there. The highlight of the night was I Believe In You, it was just phenomenal live it nearly brought a tear to my eye. Definitely one of my alltime fav songs. I was standing right in front on Meniketti the whole time - one of the best concerts I've been to. And Killers just absolutely rules
  9. Here's the 5 I forgot from my earlier post - more rock than metal. VINTAGE Maiden (the first 2 albums and nowt else) Y & T Purple Tank Hanoi Rocks
  10. QUOTE (Sonatine @ Feb 18 2010, 08:08 PM)Home-made Chicken Casserole .. yummy Princess - "Just Say No" to Snickers But I bought an 8 pack so I cant say No until I've eaten them all diet pepsi and crisps.
  11. my homemade chilli which was absolutely delicious and right now a snicker bar. Going to nip out and get some icecream - jeezo I'm never gonny fit into the bikini for May
  12. QUOTE (Sonatine @ Feb 18 2010, 01:22 PM)Oh, and you have another 5 bands to choose from too (top 15 see) I was kinda puzzled why everyone's list contained more than ten bands - I don't know where I got the ten from, cos I knew it said in the thread title fifteen TWICE - yup Dim is my middle name I shall go away and think of another five - some of my other favs aren't really metal, more like heavy/hard rock, so that might have to do.
  13. My turn Sabbath Budgie UFO Diamond Head Saxon Krokus Scorpions Girlschool Down Tool
  14. I finally saw it this afternoon. It was pretty enjoyable - not as brilliant as what I was expecting - and found some parta of it slighty boring............so would give it a 7 out of 10. Wolfman for me next.
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