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  1. http://facesofrage.com/photos/neutral-whyyyyy.png
  2. QUOTE Any personal talk from Geddy or the friendly usual stuff, He didn't talk all too much, some comments here and there about the next song and that they were going to play for [some number] hours. He did say "tack!" at least 3 times though. :D QUOTE I also think the Stockholm audience was boring, but alright, i've seen worse! Most of the audience was fairly still and quiet, but of course people were into it when 2112 came around. Maybe it's the music/band...? It's not quite the same as, say, iron maiden after all. In my opinion. I put a bunch of photos that range from so-so to pretty good quality (considering that i used a compact camera) here, so go right ahead and view them if you like. They're completely unedited, so they are pretty big in file size. Also really hard to take a good shot of Al from where I was standing.... shame. :| There's also a short clip of the yyz solo in there. Didn't record much... I was kinda too busy with having fun. :P
  3. I was there. *sunglasses on* YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- This was my first show actually I wasn't decessive enough or whatever when the S&A tour rolled around. It was _amazing_. The sound was really good, and the guys were going at like a bunch of... pros! I were standing on the right side of row 5, so no complaints there... even if i'm more of an alex guy, lol. Well... I don't have anything more to say really. It was superb. I may get around to posting a pic or two when I get home (flight scheduled for sunday), but for now, I'm going to sleep and then walk around in stockholm tomorrow. Hope other people who were there had as much fun as I had! I'm out.
  4. QUOTE While I am suprised you consider P/G "one of Rush's best albums" Why? It is. :3
  5. I would probably not put camera eye on my top 10. :|
  6. Hehe... Fountain of Lamneth rocks! I'd easily vote it higher. But then again, i'm a sucker for longer tracks.
  7. QUOTE Do you know how great the bass work is on that song? >implying that awesomeness is directly linked to playing proficiency lawl QUOTE Us Rush Fanatics don't need people like you talking about this band like it's nothing. Now, did he really do that? QUOTE No one cares about your meaningless opion. Yes. About the same amount of people that care about yours. QUOTE You'll relize how hard it is to actually play music instead of critizizing it. I find this (very standard) comment funny. Let's say that i can't play any instruments. Does that mean that I can't say that I dislike death/black metal? QUOTE I don't mean to be an asshole Then don't be one. Internet isn't srs business, contrary to what many believe.
  8. What is this gamefaqs rating? What people voted on gamefaqs? On the voting... i think it's pretty good so far. I may not agree on every song, but the general voting is approved. But where is heresy and everyday glory? : P
  9. I like the style. Sort of a fierce snakes & arrows or somesuch. Caravan takes the prize for me. I APPROVE!
  10. Top 10 tracks usually change for me depending on what era/album I'm into at the time, but I'll do a list on this difficult subject right here on the spot. ...There, had to add some 'may change without further notice', otherwise I wouldn't be able to do a list. :P 1. Hemispheres & Fountain of Lamneth 2. La Villa Strangiato 3. Xanadu 4. By-Tor and the snow dog & 2112 5. The Necromancer 6. Cygnus X-1 7. Natural Science 8. The Camera Eye Hey, no one said split places was forbidden. Besides, who can blame me when we are handling this subject? :D
  11. lawl. But then, if it's only tour dates for canada and US, i guess it's sort of semi-valid. But if there's info on the tour too...
  12. Wasn't that when the gta IV trailer was released? Not sure about that, though. --- The timer has been displaying zeroes for a while now...
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