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  1. Thanks for the thread blueschica! ... and thanks to all for propping up my mortal remains! I was out on the Prairie tour again replacing oil furnaces in distress as well as cleaning up the musty dusty old shop before decommissioning in Dec 2020. I got back to civilization yesterday aft and washed down the dust with some life saving scotch. The TRF road goes on forever and the party never ends!
  2. I am sorry to hear this, Lorraine. I really don't know what to say, so I will be thinking of you two and hoping for some good news.
  3. Happy Birthday! ... X 2 ... One for each thread :haz:
  4. Watching curling while drinking an ice cold pilsner. Thinking about which war documentaries I'd like to see on Remembrance Day.
  5. Thinking of you and momsy and wishing the best for all involved!
  6. Saddles for me ... Mindless fun, breaking down all of the cinematic criteria for decency ... and then rides off into the sunset. I like watching it on Xmas eve with a bottle of whiskey in tow.
  7. It's spring, Again! gee thanks Greta (bringer of wind)
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