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    Pittsburgh, PA
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    Reading classic literature, listening to classic rock, scholarly research & writing, going to concerts, collecting library cards & baseball cards, cross-stitching, traveling & exploring...<br><br>And of course the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins & Pirates!

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    Pittsburgh, PA 7/2/08
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    Grace Under Pressure
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    My first Rush concert in Pittsburgh on 6/25/07... what a cathartic experience... Followed a year later by the Pittsburgh show on 7/2/08... 8th row almost dead center. Seeing Geddy's tight pants in person was awesome. :-)
  • Other Favorite Bands
    THE WHO, THE BEACH BOYS, LED ZEPPELIN, THE MONKEES, NEIL DIAMOND, Boston, Styx, The Bee Gees, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Yes... any rock group over the age of 50. LOL
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  1. Fleetwood Mac - March 1st in Pittsburgh
  2. I had the best concert year EVER this year! Rush: 7/2 in Pittsburgh (8th row center) Neil Diamond: 8/18 in Pittsburgh The Who: 11/3 in Washington DC (15th row almost center) The Eagles: 11/21 in Pittsburgh Brian Wilson: 11/22 in Glenside, PA (outside Philly) All were phenomenal shows and I would go see them again in a heartbeat, no matter what the cost or how far I have to travel. Great set lists and everyone sounded at the top of their game. I don't think I'll ever have a year like this ever again.
  3. November 3rd: The Who (Washington DC) November 21st: The Eagles (Pittsburgh, PA) November 22nd: Brian Wilson (Glenside, PA)
  4. QUOTE (Lerxster @ Aug 24 2008, 08:49 AM)Last time I saw ya, I thought your hair looked great Nice ass too LOL! Thanks Lerxster!
  5. QUOTE (Lerxster @ Aug 22 2008, 05:40 PM)QUOTE (Jen Sawyer @ Aug 22 2008, 12:51 PM) I'll probably never grow it long ever again. Probably eh? So you might then Haha! Yeah, never say never, Lerxster! But really, I have no time or patience to blow dry/curl/braid, etc. a whole mess of hair. Plus, I can't stand the feeling of having hair creeping down the back of my neck when it starts to grow out. It would take me forever to grow it out and the in-between stage would really suck. My hair takes me 5-10 minutes to do each day, if that. It's weird... I get random compliments on my hair... mostly from guys! I never get, hey nice legs, nice ass, nice whatever. I get, nice hair!
  6. It all depends on the guy, but I love long hair on guys. As a girl with short hair, I much prefer having short hair than long hair. I'll probably never grow it long ever again.
  7. I saw The Dark Knight last night at the drive-in. It was really excellent. Heath definitely stole the show as the Joker. I'm looking forward to seeing it again.
  8. Neil Diamond - August 18th in Pittsburgh The Who - November 3rd in Washington, D.C.
  9. Wall-E was very adorable and heart-warming. I admit I shed a few tears towards the end! I'm planning on going to see it again... probably at the drive-in.
  10. I get blonde highlights every other haircut. My hair is pretty light to begin with, so I can let it go for a while and the roots aren't noticeable.
  11. QUOTE (Jaye @ Jul 3 2008, 02:32 PM) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v250/Jett_Moonwing/Geddy443.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v250/Jett_Moonwing/GeddyNeil3.jpg I'm going through Geddy withdrawal!!!! His behind in those tight jeans is incredible in person!!! Ahhhh!!!!!
  12. Just got Neil Diamond's new album, Home Before Dark this week... it is excellent!
  13. July 2nd: August 18th: NEIL DIAMOND!
  14. I saw it, I think, two weekends ago. It was pretty good. I'd recommend it.
  15. QUOTE (GedHead @ Apr 18 2008, 10:29 AM) OK Ladies.................. Hot off the press!!!!!! http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn205/GedsHead/244284764-S.jpg THUD............ sound of me falling out of my chair........... The temperature is rising......... Oh good God... I mean Ged!!!! He is so freaking hot!!! I am loving the chest!!! I keep blushing every time I look at this picture!!! I am having heart palpitations!!!! LOL!!!!
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