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  1. I got some pics too. Are youtube vids allowed here?
  2. Note to all those who want to stand like a lemon all night. WHY DO YOU BOTHER GOING?????? Let the real fans who want to jump about,Rock out etc etc goto the front
  3. Well I enjoyed it very much. As I said on another london thread it always amazes me how the peeps like me who want to get up and rock out are always behind those who just want to stand there like a lemon all night. I was singing along and rocking all night !! I paid my money so I am gonna enjoy myself....... yeaaaaaa baby
  4. I was in A3 and I thought the sound was fine. I have been to the O2 for a gig (jeff waynes war of the worlds) and both gigs had great sound. I only thing I could fault the O2 on is the price of a drink. I would sooner goto the O2 now rather than wembley areana anyday.The sound quality there is shit.(unless they have pulled the place down and started again since the last time I was there in 2004) I would not have gone to the gig I i couldnt get either A1.A2 or A3 blocks.
  5. Thats a bit mean seeing as Biff is younger than the members of Rush
  6. All I did with the O2 tickets was keep rereshing the page. Everytime I did that it kept on giving new choices of tickets. I did this till the A blocks started comming up
  7. Like most ticket suppliers it could be anywhere upto the week before
  8. Between the wheels among many
  9. This gig has just got better already In support will be Wolfsbane and Fury UK I have seen Fury UK this year when they supported Y&T(who where awesome) I really like Fury UK and will be good to see them again !! I feel like the with all the cream
  10. The st georges day gig they been doing for a few years now.Always a good gig to goto
  11. While it is also easier for me to get to like you say it just a nicer.newer venue
  12. wow good line up there dude
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