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  1. I got some pics too. Are youtube vids allowed here?
  2. Note to all those who want to stand like a lemon all night. WHY DO YOU BOTHER GOING?????? Let the real fans who want to jump about,Rock out etc etc goto the front
  3. Well I enjoyed it very much. As I said on another london thread it always amazes me how the peeps like me who want to get up and rock out are always behind those who just want to stand there like a lemon all night. I was singing along and rocking all night !! I paid my money so I am gonna enjoy myself....... yeaaaaaa baby
  4. I was in A3 and I thought the sound was fine. I have been to the O2 for a gig (jeff waynes war of the worlds) and both gigs had great sound. I only thing I could fault the O2 on is the price of a drink. I would sooner goto the O2 now rather than wembley areana anyday.The sound quality there is shit.(unless they have pulled the place down and started again since the last time I was there in 2004) I would not have gone to the gig I i couldnt get either A1.A2 or A3 blocks.
  5. All I did with the O2 tickets was keep rereshing the page. Everytime I did that it kept on giving new choices of tickets. I did this till the A blocks started comming up
  6. Like most ticket suppliers it could be anywhere upto the week before
  7. While it is also easier for me to get to like you say it just a nicer.newer venue
  8. Am glad Rush are playing at the O2 in London instead of the Wembley arena. The parking is better for a start, you dont have to que in traffic on the A406 north circular its a newer venue you get a bigger crowd in the O2 and most important, the sound quality is so much better Last time I saw the band at Wembley the sound quality was bad. Seeing as the place got a re-fit the sound was still as bad as it was before the re-fit!
  9. Planet rock are now also selling pre sale tickets !!
  10. Planet rock are now also selling tickets !!!
  11. QUOTE (Shirley @ Nov 23 2010, 10:50 PM) QUOTE (Rommo @ Nov 23 2010, 10:46 PM) QUOTE (Shirley @ Nov 23 2010, 10:44 PM) QUOTE (Rommo @ Nov 23 2010, 10:27 PM) QUOTE (Shirley @ Nov 23 2010, 10:20 PM) Block A 8 rows back - Ged side at The O2 Shirley, Just make a note of this which I posted on another thread about seating at the O2. The seating plan maybe the same, "Last time I was there was for Jeff Waynes war of the worlds. It was a seated gig. The first night I has a front row seat Sounds good eh? 653.gif Well it wasnt that good as it goes,it was so far forward you couldnt see most of the band on the stage.It was only when people moved forward you saw anything. The stage that night was very high,Im 6 ft tall and it was a bit higher than that. So if its the same height and the seats are shown as being right down to the stage you wont want a seat in the first 10 rows. The second night I had a seat 20 or so rows back and it was a much better view. It was the same for Take That (yes, yes.. I'm a Take That fan too) I was 7 rows back, didn't bother me! I'm just happy to be there at all. Im sorry I thought I saw "take that" and "fan" in the same post Now now... I could have said Jedward... Alright stop it now
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