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  1. Buck up, lass. You got this. I'll do my best. :7up:
  2. Oh, treeduck. That's supposed to he a secret.... Rod, I've been working my tail off at the salon. :7up: 12 hour days 6 days a week. Barely have time to sleep.
  3. I'm pretty good! I've been working 12 hour days doing hair, 6 days a week. I'm incredibly happy, but pooped. E and I are amazing, my girls are amazing, my motorcycle is amazing and so is my horse. I'll try not to keep dropping off the face of the TRF planet.
  4. Awwwww..... You all are the best! :)
  5. I sure hope so. My girls and I have been screaming nothing but Rush since we all got home. I've cried some.
  6. I know this. But, it still sucks. I can still mourn the end of something perfect and amazing.
  7. Awwww.... Happy birthday, vegetable foul!!!!
  8. http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/03/alex-lifeson-confirms-rushs-retirement-from-touring/ I saw this earlier today. I'm so incredibly heart broken about this, but in a highly selfish way. These men have been inspirational, father like, and incredibly wonderful to have had the privilege to see a few times. Rest is well deserved . I just want to be selfish for a few ore moments....
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