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  1. Here's a pic form the upcoming remake. http://www.fangoria.com/graphics/articles/2983_article.jpg
  2. I'll be waiting anxiously for this movie. I loved the others. In fact, I believe Raiders was the first movie I ever saw on the big screen. The first I can remember anyway.
  3. Alright!! I'm happy that A Farewell To Kings has finally picked up a few votes!
  4. the epic classic, Natural Science. Love it!
  5. QUOTE (Slaine mac Roth @ Oct 15 2004, 07:09 PM) The last I heard was that they were trying to get Hugh Jackman as the new Bond (that was in British magazine SFX). There was nothing official, just the rumour mill in high-gear. However, if you go on some of the Lord of the Rings sites, the pre-pubescent fan girls are all pulling for Orlando Bloom (i don't think so ) I remember hearing that Jackman was up for the role of Superman also. Busy man!
  6. I think I'll go with the Stars Look Down. It was a hard choice though. The entire album was great. One Little Victory and Ghost Rider are also stand outs tracks.
  7. I love A Farewll To Kings. Definitely one of the best sounding productions on a Rush album (and that is saying a lot). Anyway, my favorite here would be Xanadu. An epic classic!
  8. I am a big fan of the original Ring (the title Ringu is actually a bad translation). I did not like the remake at all but I am very happy that the sequal is being directed Hideo Nakata who did the first two Japanese versions. That said, if you really want to see a scary Japanese ghost story check out Ju-on. Nothing compares to it! It's also just been remade as the Grudge. I am looking forward to that one. My friend (well, more of a friend of my GF) in Japan is very good friends with the woman who plays the ghost in these movies.
  9. That was great! A fusion od Rush and Godzilla! Two of my favorite things?
  10. Wow! Only seven weeks? No wonder I never stumbled across this great forum before.
  11. I love those guitars on Stick It Out, so that's my choice.
  12. Subdivisions for nostalgic reason. A classic video also!
  13. My choice you ask? That would be Roll The Bones. The best Rap Rock of all time.
  14. Manhattan Project was an easy choice for me.
  15. I went with War Paint. The ending has so much energy. It was a hard choice though. Presto is such a great album.
  16. Open Secrets got my vote. Unfortunately it's the only song I like from HYF.
  17. Time And Motion with Driven not far behind. Both are classics.
  18. Lots of cute pictures here! Anyway, here is a picture of my girlfriends niece from China. She's the one on the far right. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2004-6/760120/picture.jpg
  19. Thanks! Seems like a fun forum! Especially with smilies such as these...
  20. Well, I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of turning thirty this week. I can already see a few grey hairs on my head. Oh, I'm a male.
  21. You can certainly tell how varied my musical tates are when I buy the new Megadeth and R.E.M. cd's together. I love both of those bands.
  22. I voted for Fly By Night. It was a hard choice between this, 2112 and Moving Pictures. The tie breaker ended up being the amazing cover art. BTW, I'm new here. Hello all!!
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