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    Music production, film, Japanese and Chinese culture.

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    Fly By Night
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    Fond nostalgic memories of watching the Subdivions video as a kid.
  1. Here's a pic form the upcoming remake. http://www.fangoria.com/graphics/articles/2983_article.jpg
  2. I'll be waiting anxiously for this movie. I loved the others. In fact, I believe Raiders was the first movie I ever saw on the big screen. The first I can remember anyway.
  3. Alright!! I'm happy that A Farewell To Kings has finally picked up a few votes!
  4. the epic classic, Natural Science. Love it!
  5. QUOTE (Slaine mac Roth @ Oct 15 2004, 07:09 PM) The last I heard was that they were trying to get Hugh Jackman as the new Bond (that was in British magazine SFX). There was nothing official, just the rumour mill in high-gear. However, if you go on some of the Lord of the Rings sites, the pre-pubescent fan girls are all pulling for Orlando Bloom (i don't think so ) I remember hearing that Jackman was up for the role of Superman also. Busy man!
  6. I think I'll go with the Stars Look Down. It was a hard choice though. The entire album was great. One Little Victory and Ghost Rider are also stand outs tracks.
  7. I love A Farewll To Kings. Definitely one of the best sounding productions on a Rush album (and that is saying a lot). Anyway, my favorite here would be Xanadu. An epic classic!
  8. I am a big fan of the original Ring (the title Ringu is actually a bad translation). I did not like the remake at all but I am very happy that the sequal is being directed Hideo Nakata who did the first two Japanese versions. That said, if you really want to see a scary Japanese ghost story check out Ju-on. Nothing compares to it! It's also just been remade as the Grudge. I am looking forward to that one. My friend (well, more of a friend of my GF) in Japan is very good friends with the woman who plays the ghost in these movies.
  9. That was great! A fusion od Rush and Godzilla! Two of my favorite things?
  10. Wow! Only seven weeks? No wonder I never stumbled across this great forum before.
  11. I love those guitars on Stick It Out, so that's my choice.
  12. Subdivisions for nostalgic reason. A classic video also!
  13. My choice you ask? That would be Roll The Bones. The best Rap Rock of all time.
  14. Manhattan Project was an easy choice for me.
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