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    Music, guitar playing, running, my wife&kids, reading

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    Rotterdam 20007 (2)
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    Too many to name!
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    Pinkpop 1979 Rotterdam 1992 Rotterdam 2004 Rotterdam 2007 (1st)
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    Van Halen, Dream Theater
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    Guitar & Guitar Hero Guitar :-)
  1. QUOTE (tmrpro @ Oct 16 2004, 02:58 PM)I just wanted to stop by and give everyone here at this Rush board an opportunity to listen to my latest Tribute LP to Rush: "Strung Out On 2112, The String Quartet Tribute To Rush Volume 2". You may have heard of my first CD; "Exit Stage Right, The String Quartet Tribute To Rush". Here's a 6 minute preview: http://tmrpro.com/strings/2112/scope.mp3 If you would like to listen to the album in its entirety, you can do so by joining the String Tribute Forum here: http://tmrpro.com/phpBB2 Please come listen to the whole album and let me know what you think at my board. Thanks for letting me share this with you guys!!! Great music, fine quality too! Very nice to listen to. Would be nice to hear 2112 with a symphonic orchestra, don't you think. Like Deep Purple, Metallica and so on did.
  2. Yes, and two new movies form the concert: Xanadu and Secret touch!
  3. Hello, interested in the movie "Darn that Dragon"? Follow this link: http://www.uemedia.net/CPC/designinmotion/article_9622.shtml
  4. If you're interested in the visuals from the 30th Anniversary tour, follow this link: http://www.derivativeinc.com/Events/16-Rush/
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