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    I love to read, write, draw, bake desserts - the list goes on and on.

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    I can't choose!!!!!
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    Ummm..... Power Windows?
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    Watching A Show of Hands for the first time
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    Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Alan Parsons Project
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    Guitar, mostly acoustic.
  1. And all this time I was hoping the sequel wouldn't feature the Joker at all... First of all, I don't really like the character that much. Second, I thought that the end of Batman Begins was too much of a setup for a sequel with the Joker, and so I didn't think it would actually happen. And third, I was harboring a secret hope that the sequel would have Dr. Crane in it; he was my favorite character in the first. Oh well. Batman Begins was the best Batman movie I have ever seen, so the sequel will likely be good, Joker or not.
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