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  1. To answer your question, all 462 pages of this gorgeous, hard cover book are dedicated solely to Alex. I can’t recommend the purchase of this book strongly enough. It is a prized addition to my collection, and well-worth the money. Anybody who considers himself or herself to be a real Rush fan needs to have this.
  2. holy crap! I just tried this crossword now. it's tough!! only knew 16 of 'em. anybody else try it yet?
  3. Good God; you couldn’t be any more correct. This live material is just blistering. One needs to put any and all audiophile snobbery aside, and simply appreciate the band performing at the absolute top of their game. This live release is affirmation of why so many of us became fans in the first place.
  4. Good day. With regard to your query about the white Steinberger, for your reference, the link included here is to the band’s performance of, “Closer to the Heart”, from their 11-9-87 show in Springfield, Massachusetts. The bass in question is used during their performance of that song, that evening. I hope this helps!
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