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  1. This is one of the few gems from RTB, and I have it a little higher on my list. I've always liked it, but when they played it on one of the recent tours it really came to life.
  2. This is ranked a little too high for me. It gets skipped more often than not.
  3. I like that last five. I have Camera Eye a little higher but I like that you have the other four ranked that high.
  4. I have it way higher than both of you. HYF is one of my least favorite Rush albums but this is a solid tune regardless.
  5. Way too low. It's a nice heavy track, and in the solo Alex abandons the "less is more" approach he started adopting on GUP and lets it rip.
  6. Actually, Totem is more like a pair of fake double-Ds. At first look you're like, not bad, but then you realize there's not much substance there and your attention wanders. (My typos are annoying in that the mistake is not an obviously misspelled word, but a different correctly-spelled word. They're not easy to pick up at first, and then you hit Submit Reply...)
  7. I think I have Fly By Night about there, Wish Them Well is way lower, the other three are higher. Caravan and Clockwork haven't worn out their welcome for me, they're fun listens.
  8. Same. A pretty forgettable rack for me.
  9. ORFie is missed, no doubt. One of the nicest people we've had here.
  10. Pretty good song, I like the solo section. I don't have my list handy but I think I have it ranked a little higher than this.
  11. Another "uptempo low-intensity happy-rocking album closer." Not a bad song but I often hit Stop before it starts.
  12. Disagree, I think the whole song is killer, and it was Rush's last great album closer before we got The Garden. We saw a lot of filler track closers between GUP and CA.
  13. One of the better tracks from the debut. The ranking is probably right
  14. Mine: 1. Mr. Soul 2. Summertime Blues 3. Shapes of Things 4. Seven and Seven Is 5. Crossroads 6. The Seeker 7. Heart Full of Soul 8. For What It's Worth
  15. "Fogelberg Friday" is gold. Was that a thing?
  16. I'm probably one of the few that really likes this song. Yeah it's got an uptempo soft rock vibe but Geddy is in top form and this song might contain Alex's most underrated solo.
  17. I'm a big fan of Rao's sauce for when there's no time for making sauce from scratch. I like the Tomato Basil, and there are no crap ingredients in that jar. If Campbell's screws this sauce up -- healthy food with simple quality ingredients is not their forte -- I'm gonna be pissed.
  18. Yeah, this is one of the few Rush songs that I've heard only once. It never got a second listen. Same with Rivendell and Madrigal.
  19. Agree with everyone else, I'd have ranked this higher. And this is your lowest rated song from Power Windows? That is....troubling.
  20. I have this ranked a bit higher, somewhere in the 70s I think. It's one of the better tunes from HYF, and the solo section is pretty killer.
  21. Think about it -- Mystic Rhythms is a perfect setup style-wise for Hold Your Fire. It was a sign of things to come. So maybe it's not ranked too low.
  22. I just finished my list (I'll wait a bit to post it), and I too have Fountain ranked in the bottom half. It's a nice attempt at a side-long proggy epic, and maybe we don't get 2112 without Fountain as a stepping stone, but it's a chore to listen to.
  23. Yet another innocuous happy rocker that isn't terrible, but it's easily skipped.
  24. I like Vapor Trail more than you do, but the others look about right. A lot pf people would rank Virtuality lower because of the very dated and cringy lyrics, but that guitar riff is too good to ignore.
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