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  1. This is the full interview that we saw teased with the 8 questions thread.
  2. Photosonic is as much of an asshole as Chatsonic. Apparently, it has never seen a picture of Rush.
  3. Your favorite Rush song? The Garden. That surprised me at first -- I expected something like Natural Science -- but it makes sense the more I think about it.
  4. Here's to all the veterans, thank you for your service.
  5. A Rush bar in YYZ? Took 'em long enough. I'd have a pint there. I'm sure there are more Rush things hanging on the walls that we're not seeing.
  6. Coffee is like beer. Some people just want a cup o' joe or a cold beer and aren't too picky about it. And there's nothing wrong with that. But some people want to up their game. Grinding the coffee beans yourself is the thing. Coffee goes stale very soon after grinding, like a minute later, so when you buy pre-ground coffee -- even if they vacuum seal it immediately after grinding -- you're buying stale coffee. Keurig pods are the worst, they all taste like burnt garbage.
  7. https://www.tastingtable.com/1151303/trader-joes-coffee-varieties-ranked-worst-to-best/ When I first started getting into grinding beans and using a french press, Trader Joe's Bolivian blend was my go-to. It's been several years since I've bought a can, but it's interesting to see it ranked so low on that list. I used to really enjoy it, but now maybe I'd hate it. The more you upgrade to the higher end of food and drink, the more your taste evolves.
  8. Joey Votto is a baseball treasure -- a total goofball, but with a fiery temper. And a good ballplayer. I always thought of him as the NL version of Adrian Beltre.
  9. Hmmm...welcome back, I guess? That quote at the top is probably the worst of these, and I didn't even include them all. You're obviously looking for a reaction, now you have one. Mission accomplished?
  10. The Rangers played stellar defense the whole postseason, and Seager and Semien up the middle were a big part of that. How many huge DPs did they turn? I just counted, and the Rangers made only 5 errors in the entire postseason, and none in the WS (Tampa, in the wild card round, made 4 errors in one game). Everyone talks about their explosive offense and how their pitching came up big, but their solid defense was just as important.
  11. John Smoltz, for some damn reason, has had trouble praising the Rangers this entire postseason. After Semien's home run he did manage to sum up this team's run with one phrase: "They are relentless." Indeed. You have to play perfect baseball against the Rangers. If you make one mistake against them, you're done. You make an error or a bad pitch and it feels like you just gave up a 5-run homer. That's how fast it happens, and they've done that all year, especially in the playoffs. It was fun to watch.
  12. I don't think we'll be seeing Garcia for the rest of the playoffs due to his oblique injury from game 3. He's been taken off the roster. The good news is his replacement, Jankowski, had a good game last night, and Semien is also starting to hit again, and that makes Garcia's absence easier to deal with.
  13. In a perfect world we'd get to see the Rangers -- should they win this thing -- do it on their home field in front of their fans who have been waiting since 1961to see them win their first Series, but they gotta take care of business tonight. Besides, having a perfect postseason road record, especially with the wild card round added in, would be a nice accomplishment.
  14. The singing in Ceiling Unlimited never struck me as annoying or odd. I really like that song and have it ranked waaaaaay the hell higher. The others in this grouping, yes, prime examples of Geddy trying too hard to put emotion into Neil's lyrics. That's a whole other topic right there, actually -- I think Neil lost his way as far as writing song lyrics on the later albums, especially S&A and CA where he found himself writing wordy anti-religion rants that Geddy had to somehow edit into something he can sing, and by the time he was done with them they didn't sound like Neil lyrics anymore. As for Cygnus X-1, I always put aside Geddy's singing on those earlier albums. Anything pre-PW is going to find Geddy not yet in total control of his voice, and I can deal with it because the music is so damn good.
  15. You did something I did on my list -- you grouped what I like to call the "up-tempo low-intensity happy-rocking album closers" together. I have six in my grouping, and they're at 121-126. A little higher than on yours -- I figure they're not horrible songs, but while they have some energy, they're basically empty-calorie filler tracks that never would have been included in the days of the 40-minute vinyl albums.
  16. I have Color of Right at #152. I like the line "You're so full of what is right, you can't see what is true," but the rest of the lyrics aren't hitting me in any way, and musically it's pretty mundane. It's a song that gets skipped 99 times out of 100.
  17. Cool, another list. No argument from me on these bottom three. Good examples of Rush being very non-Rush-like.
  18. Hey Dweez! Good to see you.
  19. https://www.classicrockhistory.com/why-jimmy-hendrix-called-chicagos-terry-kath-the-best-guitarist-in-the-universe/ https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/man-jimi-hendrix-called-best-guitarist/
  20. https://www.mlb.com/news/astros-dusty-baker-retirement-announcement
  21. AI would be smart enough to include Peter Frampton and Terry Kath in a list of the top-250 best guitarists of all time, even if asked to model a list that RS might compile. No, we're seeing human error here.
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