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  1. So was David Lee Roth. Which raises the question: Would we have had hair metal if Van Halen hadn't turned the rock scene on it's head in the late '70s, with Eddie doing likewise with the guitar scene?
  2. He also said, "Not one band EVER called themselves Hairmetal." Well, when a new genre of music comes along, who names it? I'm guessing not the bands themselves. And once a name comes along and it sticks, how long before the bands identify with it? Unfortunately for those bands Glam Metal didn't stick, but Hair Metal did -- and let's face it, it stuck for a reason -- and I don't blame any of those musicians for not proudly waving that banner. That name is as light and fluffy as the "metal" music they played -- and the hairdos they sported.
  3. They have a little bit of a point, but they're clearly bitter that the music scene that they were a big part of back in the day is now the butt of jokes. Riki Rachtmann -- a hair metal name to be sure -- said something very telling there: "Sometimes I feel like we are the only 2 that feel this way." Well, it's you guys, the members of those bands, and the teenage girls who went to those concerts and wore the same flammable hairdos and spandex and black lace as the guys in those bands -- and who now drive their minivans to soccer practice. Some popular musical trends turn into enduring genres, like Rock and Roll and Hip Hop, while some like Doo Wop, Nu Metal and Grunge have an impact but burn out after a few years. Whether enduring or fleeting, they all get a name, and Hair Metal is pretty much right on the money as far as describing the look and the sound of that genre. Somewhere, Kurt Cobain is saying, "You're welcome."
  4. Sutherland had one scene in JFK, but it might be the best scene in the movie. RIP.
  5. That falls into the same category as what Cher did, I think. He would do pitch bending effects as opposed to trying to fix poorly bent notes. Tom Morelllo made a career out of that effect.
  6. Autotune was a new thing when Cher used it, and she was going for the weird sound effect that autotune produced on its more extreme settings. Black Eyed Peas did it to death years later. More for the effect than to fix bad singing.
  7. This is where technology has taken us, and that technology will continue to advance. I don't mind a talented singer using autoune to fix a few notes in a otherwise good performance, but so many modern singers rely on it for the whole song. Some people like Mith don't care about that, but I sure as hell do. The kind of music that I like to listen to (and like to play) can't be faked by a machine. Maybe the drums can be played by a computer program if it's set up right, but nothing beats listening to a human play an instrument in ways that I can't.
  8. It's not about being set in your ways, or being a certain age. You don't need to be "old" to have appreciation for the craft and talent it takes to make good music, or to shame those who use autotune or Pro Tools or AI to cover up their lack of talent. Music is art, and true art is made by humans with emotion and imagination -- and imperfection. I know that sounds preachy and corny but f*ck it, it's true. The aforementioned tools don't make art.
  9. McDavid deserves all the adoration he's getting right now. He's finally in a Cup final after years of his team falling short, and he's doing McDavid-like things to get his team back into this series. The guy is delivering. Even if Florida wins the Cup he still might win the Conn Smythe MVP, and he'll deserve it. I say that as someone who doesn't like the Oilers and is pulling for the Panthers to win.
  10. Autotune is an instrument? No, it is most definitely not. Autotune is a tool used to alter the pitch and performance of an instrument -- by itself it does not make music. Not sure what you mean with the "guitar wanking" comment in the context of this autotune discussion. Can you expand on that a little more, maybe give an example?
  11. The only people who "like" autotune are the wannabe singers who need it to cover up the fact that they can't f**king sing.
  12. Can I assume Megan Thee Stallion and Charlamagne Tha God are somehow related?
  13. And a couple days after the above AI video, Rick shows us the anti-AI. I heard this song a few months ago and figured he'd get around to covering it.
  14. I wrestled with the best vs. favorite thing. I should have figured Cornell would run away with this in a best format. Funny thing is, the idea for this poll popped into my head because I've been listening to a lot of AIC and STP lately.
  15. I'm still stuck. I like everyone listed here. Cornell is the easy reflex pick because of his raw talent, but Entre very nicely outlined the differing qualities of each of the five. I'm down to two. Staley conveys anguish better than anyone on this list (Rooster is a great example -- no one could have conveyed the angst and trepidation of those lyrics better than him) and has such a unique timbre. And he had the power to back it all up. Weiland, as Entre pointed out, is a chameleon. On any given album he can sound like three or four different singers, adopting a different personality to fit the band's diverse song styles, and on top of that he was a really good singer. He sounded awesome.
  16. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots are what many would consider the "big five" of the '90s grunge bands. Some people say STP wasn't a grunge band since they originated in California and not from the Seattle grunge scene but they look right at home listed with the other four. All five bands featured notable lead vocalists. Kurt Cobain is probably the least accomplished as far as vocal talent, though his voice fits very well with Nirvana's music. The other four -- Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley and Eddie Vedder -- are varying degrees of awesome. Four of the five died tragically and young -- only Pearl Jam's Vedder is still with us. Which of these five do you rank at the top? Votes are public.
  17. This is the first song that popped into my head. And it sucks that it's in my head now.
  18. Spoken like a true hockey fan -- I'm looking at it the same way. But make no mistake, the NHL and E$PN (Disney) really REALLY wanted the Rangers in the Final. I've run into so many people who don't normally watch hockey who were talking about the Rangers. They're a big market original six team and they'll always be one of the league's darlings because they pull in ratings and clicks. It must kill the suits that one of the two Florida teams have made the Final for the past five years in a row.
  19. Florida really found their legs as the series went on. Their forecheck is relentless .They'll be tough to beat in the Final.
  20. One of the headlines I saw today was, "Everyone knew Angel Hernandez's name. That was the problem." It's a good headline.
  21. It WOULD have gone to number one if Entre had listened to it more!!!
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