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  1. Do you know what the difference is between the one disk Blu-ray version and the more spendy two disk regular version?
  2. Rush In Rio came today and I just finished watching the whole thing. Yes. The whole thing!! I am too overwhelmed to say much at the moment, but I do have one question. Please understand that this is my first exposure to them as real people rather than musicians in a rock band. My question is: is that what they are really like? Did what I see in that DVD their real personalities as far as any of you know? Next: I am ordering R30. Thunder, I finally saw the drum technique you are talking about. In Rush In Rio. there was an overhead shot of Neil playing and I could see him clearly doing what you told me about.
  3. Thunder, the part I am talking about occurs at about the one minute mark. The lyrics that are being sung are: He's leaning forward. When the beat changes for "Left and rights of passage..", he straightens up a bit. I think if I sat down at a drum set and played - at my age I would keel over after. But thanks for the offer anyway. Who knows what talent I may have had musically that remains buried because it was never tapped into???
  4. That was funny. Maybe they do say things like that. Seriously, I wonder what they do say when a concert is over, or a tour. Do they say, "Man, am I glad that's done with!" Or, before a concert, do they say "Another damn concert! I'll be glad when I won't have to work anymore." Call them up and ask them! ;)
  5. What happened to Geddy's voice that he can't hit those notes anymore? Bear with me. I am just getting back into Rush and have a bit to go. One day soon, I will look back on the absolute stupidity and ignorance of my question but, in the meantime ... what happened to his voice?
  6. Thank you for the welcome! I did order the DVD - it was $3.75 plus s/h on Amazon. Can you beat that? :) You're a drummer? Maybe you can answer a question for me. I know absolutely nothing about music other than I love it. When I was young(er), this is the pre-internet and DVD days...you know, the dark ages when all we had were turntables and record albums...we just listened. Today, we can watch. So, I watch and am fascinated by them playing their instruments. In this video http://www.last.fm/music/Rush/+videos/+1-AW2uNUPT-yo, I notice that Neil, in one part, has his hands crossed over at the wrists to play the drums. Is there a particular reason why he did this, or is this just the way he does things? I love to watch him on those drums. Such force and energy!
  7. I ordered Rush in Rio this morning. Had I ordered last night, I could have gotten the R30 DVD for $3.00 on Amazon. This morning, both places that had it for under $4 were gone. So, I am on my way. I will take it slow and enjoy the ride. I have to say it again, I find them amazing, and I know you do too!!!!
  8. Mika, I agree with you about listening to albums as a whole. The reason why I asked about a "Best of" collection is because the only Rush I know is the Rush from the 1980s, and I wanted to get a feel for their later music. We only have dial up internet connection in our area, so it is hard to either watch vids or listen to audios on the internet for me. For example, to load a Distant Early Warning video takes almost one hour. I wish I were joking, but I am not. Anyway, this is why I can't listen to their songs or watch their videos on the computer. It would make things a lot easier for me if I could.
  9. Architeutis, I live on the eastern side of the state. No, I could not go to the concert, but I will have you know that they were very much on my mind that entire evening and night wondering how it was going and what they were playing. They are an amazing band!
  10. Thank you all for your kindness and warm welcome. I was so afraid how I would be received here, but who else could I go to for the expert advice? :) I will see if I can get a good deal for some of the DVDs on Amazon. This morning, I was going to order two of their 1980s albums - they're the ones I remember the best. Maybe I should go ahead and complete the order I left hanging on Amazon.
  11. Hello everyone! I am new here and a Rush fan since the early eighties. Unfortunately, I walked away from the music scene for twenty years and have only recently returned. As you can imagine, I have a lot to catch up with and on. So, here is the advice I need. I would like to get a DVD of a Rush concert that would include interviews with the band, as well as one of their "Best of" CDs. Can you please give me your expert advice on the best ones to get? As an aside, I think Neal Peart is the best drummer in the world of rock. Also, I never saw anyone play the bass quite like Geddy with such ease and smoothness.
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