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  1. I think I'll send them my Underwater Dogs book to get signed. Something different for them to look at. If it doesn't make it back, at least someone will get a good laugh out of it.
  2. Pass on this. I'm getting kind of weary of the rehashed merch. It just puts more money in Ray Daniels pockets. I would be interested in a cleaned-up version of Vapor Trails.
  3. QUOTE (goose @ Oct 11 2012, 10:54 PM) QUOTE (billybobjoe1881 @ Oct 11 2012, 09:43 PM) It would go in a frame above my fireplace in my living room. I wouldn't even bother putting it in the man cave with my other RUSH stuff. I would mount it as well...but far from my fireplace! $8,000 right now. Ughh $8000...too high for my budget. That costs more than all 3 of our family cars combined are worth. Maybe they'll auction a signed $400 Epiphone for us 'budget minded' folk. I'm not poor, just cheap.
  4. Rush is auctioning a signed (by all 3) gold top Les Paul for charity. A couple of issues here: 1. Coming up with the coin to win this 2. Do you play this or save this to keep the signatures intact http://kidney.akaraisin.com/gala/Event/Pho...eid=5422&mid=41 Sweet, sweet axe...it would be difficult not to play this A LOT.
  5. What?! Can't dance to Rush?! Non sense! I dance to the beginning of TSOR all the time, even though it looks like I have a seizure disorder.
  6. QUOTE (thirteen @ Oct 9 2012, 05:20 PM) I'll only be in the States for 5 days. I can only afford 1 concert. Damn poverty lol. For this guy's dedication, hopefully someone could comp him a ticket to another concert while he's here. I don't live in CA, so I can't help. For a 14 hour flight, the guy deserves more than one concert.
  7. QUOTE (Amy Farrah Fowler @ Oct 9 2012, 08:11 PM) Nice words, but very sad that he writes at a 3rd grade level. What do you expect...he's 'animaaaal!' from the muppets.
  8. RRHOF is only credible if you think that McDs is gourmet food. Vile tourist trap. Are we clear on this?
  9. The problem here is you have 2 tools who have never played a guitar, drums or bass in their life. Their musical experience is probably playing trombone in the high school band and graduating community college with a 2 yr degree in journalism and pop culture. That's like telling me that someone who eats nothing but Taco Bell is a qualified food critic. Any credible rock musician will admit that Rush's music is challenging, even if it's not their taste. They showed their true colors by focusing on Geddy's singing rather than the musical composition and complexity. 'Eww icky singer, I don't like them'...sounds like my wife (who only listens to Elton John, Celine Dion and Anne Murray).
  10. * sigh * This is like fantasy football...an enormous waste of time and energy that's totally pointless.
  11. I'm thinking there's another motive to this: "* Sigh * Ok, we're getting flak from the Rush people again. They're still making albums that their fans like, even though we don't get it. They're still touring and bringing in crowds of 40 & 50 somethings, which is in our demographic targets. They somehow turned this nerdy music into something cool that sells. Oh what the heck, let's throw them a bone and maybe ride their gravy train a little." The HOF has probably realized that the Rush fanbase is significant enough to leech some of our money. Rush is nothing more than 'new inventory' for the HOF. This has nothing to do with musical integrity, it's just business. Thanks for the nomination but HOF still sucks arse.
  12. What? Oh sorry I was just checking out the pic of Heart back in the day. Reowwww!
  13. I have diverse musical tastes, but I've never even heard of The Meters. Who are these guys? Did they work for the gas company?
  14. The post is the typical 4 year old temper tantrum because of the set list, so to directly respond in kind is futile. Neil stated a few years ago that the industry has basically flipped; they used to make their 'big' money on album sales and broke even on tours. That has reversed. So unless attendance is abysmal, I would bet they continue with a 2nd leg with some minor setlist changes. They had really good summer 'shed' tours recently, so I'd easily go to one next summer. You also have to consider that they have some considerable fixed expenses in the set and production, so to give up on touring early would just eat into their profit. Sorry to get all 'businessy', but that has to be considered just as much as the musical side. As long as attendance is reasonable, they're having fun and making some decent coin, I think they'll continue.
  15. I always thought the solo sounded like Ted Nugent.
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