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  1. Imagine. Silly love songs over maybe I'm amazed.
  2. Still working through the series. Vincent Price as egghead!
  3. Look at the image below Note - special appearance by Dave chappele. If ged and Alex were not going to play it seems like they would be listed like that. Not with musicians. I gotta think they will play a rush tune! https://www.jambase.com/article/taylor-hawkins-tribute-concert-london-lineup
  4. Blabbermouth list them as performers https://blabbermouth.net/news/rush-and-queen-members-among-musicians-who-will-perform-at-taylor-hawkins-tribute-concert-in-london
  5. Two new fave hot sauces. Pico Pica. Imagine taco bell hot sauce but way better. Young guns roasted green chili. Sold in large plastic jugs for around, $12. Imo the best prepared green chili product beating out my prior fave. El Pinto. El pinto still kicks ass though.
  6. Hazed and confused? Nice. Talk about a feather in your cap!
  7. The professor from Gilligan's Island looks very much like the professor on the drum kit.
  8. My name is tangy and I prefer to hop on the train to Bangkok over driving a red barchetta any day. Gleaming alloy air cars don't seem all that scary. The fact that they are air cars that are stopped by a bridge definitely gives me the cojones to break the motor law.
  9. I wondered if they were ever approached by the makers of Febreeze to use their song for a TV commercial. You know the scented aerosol spray. Summer febreeze!
  10. RIP Just read he played guitar, saxophone and violin. Closer to you and we may never pass this way again are great tunes as well.
  11. Jimi had it all. Talent,looks,charisma etc. I think he would of killed it today. That said, killer guitarists are a dime a dozen. Particularly so with instrumental bands. Buckethead is a artist in the truest sense but way too out there for most . Musically and his personal bizarre behavior. It seems to me, the brightest rising guitar star is Billy Strings.
  12. The 80's encapsulated for me was exit stage left. That and she blinded me with science and hyperactive by Thomas Dolby. Lol
  13. Paper late rules. Seconds out is my fave live recording though. Still went with court. Genesis as a band and Phil. My fave studio is TOTT.
  14. Not heard much of them but like some it quite well. Seems like he was the most important member of the band. May he RIP
  15. May he RIP. I saw the 90125 tour as well as show in the early 2000's. Had no idea about his playing with others like Lennon. And Billy preston! So last night, I was thinking about Lennon and the Lennon references in the yes songs your move and all good people. I was like, now it makes sense. I had always wondered about that. Then i remembered it was bruford on that record. D'oh! Great player who will be missed.
  16. Two great cross country races on red bull today. Free and with the replays available if interested. Rode 3 times this week. Had to take some time off due to injuries and it's great to get back out.
  17. Reacher on Amazon kicks ass! Ended up watching season 1 twice.
  18. I say yes. The music industry is way more of a shit show now , with new and stupid things to ridicule.
  19. What about Phil's playing with brand x? Great stuff
  20. Between the buried also has two high quality guitarists. Interesting list. The Grateful Dead should be on the list. And near the top IMO
  21. The Tom Tom Club is a side project of members of the talking heads. Genius of love!
  22. I have seen many great players over several genres. I have never seen anyone who has a relationship with a guitar like Buckethead. To see him live was intense AF.
  23. I lived in Buffalo in the 70s and Billy played in a band called Talas. They had a few semi popular tunes IIRC. They ended when he joined DLR. Just saw Talas is releasing a new record . I had the good fortune to Billy play with Steve vai at least once.
  24. Jerry Garcia Band. Or was it the Grateful Dead that was his ace side project?
  25. Liquid Tension Experiment. Best records made by portnoy,petrucci and rudess IMO
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