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  1. Oh you must have been right in front of me. Was one of your group always running off for drinks? I was in a Vapor Trails work shirt. One thing I noticed is that Security didn't care how much you taped. The guy next to me probably taped the whole concert. In Tampa if you held up a camera for more than 30 secs security was on you. The only thing I didn't like is how flat Neil's snare sounded the first set. Once Gump tuned it up during intermission it was right on which is good as I ordered one exactly to Neil's specs from DW (different color but it is even being made by the same guy) and I was starting to regret it.
  2. MIne comes on Wednesday. Those are all nicer. I like all of it. Especially the coin.
  3. They did sound great. Neil's drums seemed to be having a rough night though. His Drums not Neil. They had to keep tightening the mike on his 13 inch tom. His snare sounded flat the first set. After the first set Gump came out and retuned his 2 high toms, I think one of his floor toms and his snare. After that the snare had much better pop to it. At first they Alex had issues with his in ear. I was sitting in the second row from the stage in the very center right straight in front of Neil's Bass drum. I got to see everything they were doing.
  4. Did anyone else feel vindicated and celebrate after the induction of Rush into the RRHF? I celebrated by playing Rush songs on my drum kit for a couple of hours. I actually set up my Slingerland Artist Series snare on my DW kit and just pounded the heck out of all of them (Neil used a Slingerland Artist Series snare from like 1975 - 1995 that he bought for 60 bucks second hand).
  5. Yep finished at 12:01 for Orlando so we'll see how I did.
  6. Bought one for Orlando at 12:00 exactly. This time I take less pictures and let Neil's artistry melt my ears.
  7. I did VIP nation again. Got in exactly at noon.
  8. I enjoyed the Clockwork Angels material more than the older stuff. I think they were having more fun playing it which translated into a better performance. I was in Orchestra 1 (Alex's side) 5 rows back right down front so I pretty much got to rock my face off. I have tons of pictures that I have to sort through. Something like 350.
  9. I think they are getting tired of it and others. Last night at the Tampa show Alex was making goofy almost "not this again" faces during Tom Sawyer. Limelight is my favorite but if the passion isn't there I'd rather they not play it. I have to admit that I enjoyed the Clockwork Angels part of the set last night more than the older songs (maybe with the exception of the 2112 encore that they seemed to be having fun playing).
  10. I'll be there wearing a yellow DW Drums Shirt sitting in the VIP Nation section. Wish I knew exactly where I'm sitting but oh well. If you see a yellow GTO heading towards Tampa tomorrow afternoon it is probably me.
  11. For those that bought the VIP Nation VIP package. How was it? Any special surprises in it? Did you even get the package yet? Were the seats any good?
  12. I got one of the VIP Nation packages for Tampa. I hope the tickets are as good as they are supposed to be. Especially for what I paid.
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