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  1. I went to the Anaheim and LA CA concerts in November from New zealand. I picked up my tickets at the box office by showing 1 picture ID (passport or drivers licence ) and the visa card you purchased the tickets with. The live nation delux tickets get picked up in a different area than the standard box office tickets. Email with all the details will be sent to you first. Have a great time - I know I did ,but I left thye wife and kids at home !
  2. S&A is a truly great album as good as any they have done (nearly as good as AFTK) and 7 cities is also a fantastic song!love it
  3. I have to agree cinderella man would be fantastic!!I know I would go apeshit over that one. One of the the songs that turned me on to rush way back in the early school days
  4. witch hunt is one of there great songs,I never get sick of listening to it
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