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  1. If you are frugal then you should have waited to get tickets outside from scalpers. This tour isn't selling and the scalpers are being left holding their tickets. I got 7th row dead center in Bridgeport for 10 bucks each.
  2. anything from exit stage left, grace under pressue vid, or the videos from the studio recording moving pictures in quebec time machine vid sucked, slowed down old men
  3. I hope not. Please let that great song be. They butchered it last tour, I can only imagine what they will do to it now.
  4. They struggled through circumstances in '07 and dropped it. They won't bring it back. There are songs they simply can't/shouldn't play anymore. I just am not into nostalgia. Some of their pre permanant waves stuff suffered last tour. 2112 was really really toned down. I can't handle doing a song just to do it. They have slowed down. At 60 Neil has slowed. Limelight is even slow. Vital signs sounds like a ballad. I know I am gonna get flamed but compare the time machine versions on dvd to exit stage left or the grace under pressure tour.
  5. April 1, 1983 Hartford Connecticut I have every ticket from every show I ever went to. This one is framed professionally with an autographed album of signals by all 3. I have the shirt I bought and the program.
  6. I am aware of "freeze", I am refering to the original trilogy. To me it will remain a trilogy.
  7. not sure if that has been considered or discussed but I have been waiting nearly 30 years for them to bring it back
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