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  1. From what I can tell, from various spoiler sources, there were quite a few scenes cut from the finale (it was going to be 3 eps long, but got squeezed down to 2) so some of the stuff that they might have planned on answering got cut. Look out next season though, it looks like it's going to get interesting. Btw, did anyone spot the twins on the boat? (thanks Josh Holloway for pointing that out)
  2. QUOTE (DonnaWanna @ May 24 2005, 12:27 PM) QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ May 23 2005, 09:18 PM) QUOTE (Daylin @ May 23 2005, 08:24 PM) Donna, what about a pic of Sied (Spelling ?) I want a pic of him Love, Your friend who was "fooled" It's spelled "Sayid". Here's some pics. yea i tried to get those pics of him but they wouldnt let me ummm take them I have to admit he is my fav man on that show..as in looks wish i woulda watched it the 1st night it was on insted of just seein last weeks show only BUT im sure ull be able to rent the whole thing once its over at blockbusta or somwhere Here you go Misc Lost - Sayid included and More Lost
  3. sorry, I got distracted (fangirl land was calling), didn't have a puzzle anyway.
  4. Yeah, the bad thing about UK tv is that they hold back the good stuff, like Lost, for 6 months so they can show crap, like Desperate Housewives, first.
  5. SPOILER ALERT - ep 19 'Deus Ex Machine' - Boone gets concerned when Locke suffers physical difficulties while they're trying to get into the hatch. Jack is reluctant to help Sawyer when he develops extremely painful headaches. Michael and Jin have touble communicating re the raft. It's a Locke-centric ep, and we find out how Locke was paralized 'interrelating' with events surrounding the hatch ep 20 'Do No Harm' - Claire goes into labour and Charlie panics, Locke goes missing, Jack tends to a wounded survivor and Sayid presents Shannon with a 'romantic surprise'. Jack-centric ep. Speculation is that Locke loses the use of his legs and gets trapped in the hatch, Charlie may well be the one to deliver Claire's baby, if he manages to control his panic. It's possible that Boone is the injured survivor, and that he will die, and the blame will be placed on Locke as it is something to do with the hatch that he insisted no-one be told about. There is a debate as to whether the character that is going to die will do so during the finale or before. General Spoilers - Watch with Kristin reports that one of the regular 14 dies by season's end (uncertain if this means before the season finale, or during the season finale). The character who dies is male, and "It's not (Dominic Monaghan). But I can tell you that this person is well-loved, well-featured and, well, doomed. It is one of the 14 series regulars--one of the biggest characters--and the episode is guaranteed to make you bawl your ever-lovin' eyes out. Also, Kristin claims that he dies because "basically, something catastrophic happens, and because someone lies about what happened, the victim ultimately can't be saved." It also sounds like Claire will give birth during the episode this male character dies: "Yes (we will see Claire pop the baby before season's end), and let's just say that episode is all about the circle of life." As for the season finale, this is what Watch with Kristin has to say: "We'll go back to the very beginning, when they all boarded the plane. Also...Ha! Love it! Just got a call from a source who wanted to spread this word to you: There's buzz over at camp Lost that there's going to be an episode from the perspective of the dog, Vincent! And it's actually very relevant, because we see what happened in the cargo hold." CrewPix has some behind-the-scenes pictures of Lost filming future episodes. In this picture, Hurley crosses a rope bridge just before it breaks (could this scene be from "Numbers"?). In this picture, it seems that the hatch has been revealed. And finally, in the two pictures here and here, we see a plane which has also crashed on the island. Apparently, Boone finds a cache of drugs in the downed plane. Thanks to http://www.lost-tv.com/spoilers/ for the General Spoilers.
  6. There are so many films that I watch repeatedly that I can't list them all, but I've seen Pirates Of The Caribbean over 100 times, Fellowship Of The Ring over 200 Times, The Two Towers about 150 times and Return Of Tthe King about 15 times (I will watch it more, I just haven't got round to it yet...) I've also seen Braveheart well over 50 times, Dirty Dancing must be around 500 times, The Abyss about 300 times, Star Trek: Insurrection about 100 times. Like I said, the list could go on forever, if I like a film I will watch it over and over.
  7. Some of my other experiences...... The first that I remember was when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I was living at Cantley, nr Doncaster, Sth Yorkshire, and the house I lived in, although very nice, had a less than nice atmosphere, especially after dark. I used to sleep with my bedroom door open, and the landing light was always left on. I started to notice human shaped shadows walking around on the landing, even though the only other person upstairs was my brother, who was generally asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Then, not long after this started (and my parents wouldn't believe me that we had ghosts) I felt a weight at the end of my bed. It was there every night within seconds of the others appearing. I rapidly became aware that the weight at the end of my bed was a man. I knew he was family, and 10 years later I finally found out who he was. I saw him, and I knew his face instantly, I'd only ever seen one photo of him, but I knew he was my great grandad. I still feel his presence now and then, even though I don't need his protection anymore. The strange thing for me is windy weather, especially at night. I love to go out after dark, when it's blowing a gale, because I find myself more sensitive then, and that's usually when my sister visits me. I can't talk to her, but I like to know she's there. I'll talk some more later...
  8. ok, McDonalds.... The father of the girl that was heard on the dining area is one of the spirits down in the void. (incidentally, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only person brave enough to venture into the void without turning the lights on, when needing to access the party equipment storage cupboard) The man that walked past Slaine in the lift area is a real joker, he likes nothing better than to creep up and touch people as they pass through that area. I got used to him very quickly. The night Slaine saw the woman behind him, I was in store, but I was out on the dining area cleaning. I don't believe she is one of the McDonalds ghosts, I think she is my sister Emma, who was never born, my Muim had a miscarriage when my brother was about a year old, and Emma has been close to me since 1995. I have a few other experiences to relate, but I'll save them for later
  9. QUOTE (Slaine mac Roth @ Dec 14 2004, 10:15 AM) Time now for my next ghostly encounters (I warned you I'd had quite a few). By 1989 I had moved back to Mansfield and met Jess, who later became my wife. Deciding to move in together, we rented a house in Mansfield Woodhouse which was an old terraced house with three floors - ground had two living rooms and a kitchen, first had two bedrooms and a bathroom while the attic had been converted into another bedroom. Immediately, we decided to use the larger of the the two first floor rooms as our bedroom and the top room as a place to keep the computer, record collection, books, etc. I first noticed something was quite right with the house before we'd even moved in. One night, while Jess was at work, I took a load of stuff from my flat to the house and decided to move all the boxes of books up to the attic room. While on the ground floor I was fine, likewise on the top floor. However, there was decidely unpleasant feeling on the first floor hallway and, chicken that I am, I spent a lot of time sat on the top floor listening to Different Stages in the attic with my back to the wall. Anyway, after we had moved in, things seemed to quieten down although the middle floor landing remained an unpleasant place to linger. In fact Jess, who is a lot more sensitive to such things than I, would, when I was working the late shift, immediately bolt up to the attic and close the door behind her until I got home. My main experience occured in 1990, just before we found out she was prenent with James, out first child (this links into another experience I'll tell you about later). We had both gone to bed and slept very well. However, I was awakened at about three in the morning to find a dark woman in a white dress, like a wedding dress, leaning over me. In the time it took me to wake up fully, she was gone. I know most people would say it was a dream, but I counter that with two main arguments:- 1) I rarely remember my dreams upon waking up - perhaps one or two a year and have usually forgotten them by the end of the week. This has stayed fresh in my memory for over four years. The fact I remember it so clearly is snother pointer - my memory is not always that great. I can forget what I had for breakfast by lunchtime. 2) The vividness of the dream. The few of my dreams that I can remember are, on the whole, hazy and indistinct. This one remains as vivid as the day I witnessed it so I am convinced that what I saw was there, not in my imagination. Slaine dear, I hate to do this, but you got the years a little wrong, I think you meant 1999 and 2000, as in 1990 I was just 11 years old and din't know you
  10. For those who want to download lost I recommend www.tvtorrents.com (and try using Burst instead of Bit-Torrent, it works better) Look out this week, it's Hurley's ep (at last!!) but after that we don't get a new ep on ABC until 13th April If you want spoilers I recommend www.lost-tv.com Everyone who saw last weeks ep, did you notice Hurley on the tv when Jin delivered the 'message' first time....
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