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  1. The foos have covered YYZ and Tom Sawyer, so I wouldn't be surprised if they do those two.
  2. rush backstage currently not bothering to respond to emails, what a surprise. I will be disputing it with cc soon enough
  3. The R40 hoodie, my backprint has disappeared after one wash in cold and air dried. Hopefully Showtech will send me a replacement. I paid a lot for it, I expect a better quality product
  4. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/vapor-trails-remixed-rush/26558125?ean=0081227964412
  5. Will try when I get home from work, the vapor ball has texture to it also.
  6. No it aint you tool, lol. The print is a separate piece of quality paper of the front cover and looks suitable for framing if needed.
  7. Bought mine at Princeton record exchange in New Jersey and it came with a very nice art print Was this standard with the lp release?
  8. alex has had plugs for years just ask those marillion boys lol
  9. Could have had 2nd row on the music today presale for AC but not at $300 for one ticket Will wait for other shows to be announced. Not a fan of AC anyhow
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