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  1. Thank you madame, I registered but haven't had a chance to really poke around there yet.
  2. Hi all, haven't posted in a while but wanted to see if anyone had any advice for identifying a record's pressing when it doesn't quite match anything in Discogs. I don't have my records in front of me but an example would be the words stamped on my record match up to a certain point but instead of "1A" it's "1C" or something like that. I doubt I have anything rare but just wanted to know how to know what I have, if that makes sense. Thanks for the assistance!
  3. When I had to move from South Carolina to Ohio for the Marine Corps my wife and I went to Florida to visit family first. The playlist I made consisted of every concert tour that they've played. It was pretty awesome listening to how each tour evolved, and fortunately my wife never gave me a hard time about it either! But she just looked over my shoulder and said I'm lame :)
  4. Wow, my daughter just turned 2 a few months ago, and I have a 2 month old son now! Small world, congrats on the kids and I hope that the boys don't stop touring before I have the chance to take them
  5. I'd have to say when Geddy mentioned 9/11 before they played it in Pittsburgh last year, on top of it being the first time seeing it played live was quite an experience. Roll the Bones and Moving Pictures were my two first Rush albums, a Christmas present in 1995 and I have always been partial to those records as a result. Great song
  6. Apologies if this has already been addressed, but I was curious to know what everyone does for a living. I personally would like to contribute to the forum more but I'm always busy with work or raising my daughter that will be 2 next Wednesday and preparing for my son's arrival in mid-August. I am an active-duty Marine and have been since October 2002. It's been interesting so far, and I'm over the hump so in less than 10 years I can start collecting a decent pension and hopefully get a good job with a logistics company. What about everyone else?
  7. I've always had a great fondness for the fill in Lakeside Park at the beginning and especially after the first chorus before the main verse kicks back in at the 1:00 mark, just killer! http://youtu.be/KZgP2k4bwoc?t=1m
  8. Some sections that I really enjoy are: La Villa Strangiatio - about 5:03 into the song he just hits this note, and picks the strings really fast for maybe 2 sets of up and down strokes, and I've only heard it that way on the album, just awesome! No One At the Bridge - That solo at the end just blows me away every time, probably my favorite Open Secrets - I love the guitar part right before Geddy starts singing, about 20 seconds in What You're Doing - DAT RIFF!! Before and After - Love the Riff that kicks in after that long intro I Think I'm Going Bald - I really enjoy the heavy playing Alex does on the "My life is slipping away" part Witch Hunt - I enjoy the agressive playing he does after the first chorus on A Show of Hands and the Time Machine Tour Hand Over Fist - I enjoy his twangy playing and that isolated little diddy that shows up sparsely throughout Neurotica - I've always loved his part during the pre-chorus, my parents bought me RTB and Moving Pictures for Christmas in 1995 and I've always held those records in high esteem Alien Shore - Great guitar at the beginning Test for Echo - Title track always reminded me of Tool, the rest of the album has a lot of heavy riffs on it that I like, despite some weird lyrics I tried to mention more obscure selections, but the last one I'll mention are those great pinch harmonics in Carnies! I don't know why he doesn't play them live, it's not like it's very difficult to do, but t's a minimal gripe and I don't regret forking out the cash to go to 3 shows this tour.
  9. These new undies are pretty rock and roll, but I think I prefer his old ones. What do you think? http://image.spreadshirt.com/image-server/v1/products/4422420/views/1,width=190,height=190.png/bass.png
  10. My Dad's middle name is Pratt. I'm considering using that as my Son's middle name but my wife isn't too keen on it. Lincoln Pratt Wells does have a nice ring to it though
  11. I got a vintage Time Machine Tour t-shirt from way back in 2010 that still fits like a champ!
  12. Apologies, I meant I was the only one standing in my section. Anyways I'm glad I looked at the set before the show otherwise I might have been confused or underwhelmed at the plethora of synthy tunes. That being said, I'm still looking forward to the other set on Cleveland!
  13. Just my take on the set, I think they decided to bust out some rare synthy songs to offset how ballsy the new record is. I was at the show in Pittsburgh, and I was the only one standing throughout most of the show. I wonder why those that prefer the heavy guitar driven material didn't give two shites about any songs other than Analog Kid, YYZ, Working Man, Tom Sawyer, and 2112. I personally would have preferred a more "retro" song listing, but like others said before that the material from the 80's is all 30+ years old or close to it. Any song I can hear from Rush live is a good thing, except for maybe Nobody's Hero and Rivendell!
  14. I voted for thumbs up, it rocks after getting spammed by Tombstone Mountain! No worries though, of course there are songs I'd rather hear, and the synth era stuff is probably my least favorite, but they still rocked in Pittsburgh. I was in section 102, row V, and the only one around that was standing almost the whole show other than the ones closer to the stage and/or floor. It was also nice hearing some of those songs with more ballsy bass guitar tone, especially 'The Body Electric' and 'Where's my Thing?'. I'll be seeing them again in Cleveland next month too and don't regret spending the money
  15. QUOTE (Dscrapre @ Sep 12 2012, 12:22 AM) Only thing I don't like about Carnies live is that the signature guitar "scream" from the main riff is missing. I don't know how that part was created in the studio, but I wish they could reproduce it better live. The "scream" you're talking about is called a pinch harmonic. I don't really know how to describe how to do it, but it doesn't require studio effects in order to play it live. Not sure why Lerxst opted not to do it, but the Pittsburgh show was amazing anyway!
  16. Thanks for the quick responses! I'm actually going to the Cleveland show as well and just wanted to "have it both ways" I guess. I knew the setlist on the last tour and it was amazing, although it was also my first Rush show and would have been awesome anyway. Thanks for the input I really appreciate it
  17. I'm going to the Pittsburgh show on the 11th, and didn't see another thread on this topic so I just wanted to get opinions from some Rush tour vets out there. I'd really like to be surprised by the setlist when i go to the show, but don't want someone near me to say they can't wait to finally hear "X" song next or what have you. Has this ever been an issue with anyone, because I would rather just spoil myself tomorrow then possibly get aggravated next week at the concert. Thoughts?
  18. I think he sounds perfectly fine, it's some of the live recordings I've heard since the R30 tour that are kind of sketchy. That being said, the Time Machine Tour in Pittsburgh was the first time I had seen them and I about lost my mind I was having such a good time! My wife (who I dragged along with me) even said that she thought they were fantastic. People have the right to voice their opinion and I don't really feel like anyone is exuding any troll-like behavior, other than the "cock sucking" exchange LMAO.
  19. Stuck in Youngstown until I get orders somewhere else!
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