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  1. A lot of the reality TV shows are staged. I remember watching that supernanny show and the wife swap once, and the testimonials the people were giving were so obviously scripted. Reality TV is the reason why I dont even watch TV anymore. There are so few creative ideas coming from Hollywood these days, both in movies and TV, I seriously hope something comes along one of these days and knocks some senses into the viewing public. (Shame on us for watching it)
  2. Spent a bit of time thinking of this one, but I think I have a good list. No particular order. Deer Hunter Braveheart Gettysburg Monty Python & The Quest For The Holy Grail The Shining
  3. Robert DeNiro is going to do well in this one and is my vote, but there are a lot of incredible choices in here. Mel Gibson, Morgan Freeman, John Malcovich are all great too.
  4. Went with Christopher Walken, thought he was great in Deer Hunter and A View To A Kill. Really knows how to play a sinister bad guy.
  5. QUOTE (tangdog @ May 5 2006, 09:24 PM) Just in from seeing Yngwie Malsteen at The Orange Peel in Asheville NC. The peel is an awesome venue and I was second row the majority of the show. In all honesty, I have never been a huge fan of Yngwie. Last night I learned that Derek Sherinian ( ex DT/ current planet x member) was playing the keys this tour so I deceided to go. The opener was Orange Sky, who are from Trinidad. These guys were better than expected with a metal/reggae vibe. Kinda a Bad Brains sound, but with much better vocals. ( not a poke at the Brains but this guy really has an excellent voice ) As expected Yngwie ripped it a new one. It really was quite impressive, in particular his acoustic work and classical material. I do not own any Yngwie and only recognized his covers of the Star Spangled Banner and Hendrix's Red House. I had never seen Sherinian live before and while he was never really given free reign to rip, his solos were killer. I had a coworker that said he was good in SF a few months ago.
  6. I think you might like Nine Black Alps D-13. Definatly music to workout to.
  7. QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ May 4 2006, 01:18 PM) Did you folks catch the commercial? If not, then click this. No I didnt actually, what is this all about?
  8. I wonder if they are going to bother explaining what Libby was doing in the mental hospital with Hurley from a few episodes ago, or that they are just going to leave it alone now that shes gonna be dead.
  9. HAaa, last night was a bit of a twist, I kinda figured something was up with Michael that he just happened to show up in the last episode when Jack went out to confront the others. There was obviously some reason behind killing Ana Lucia, but not sure why they killed off the other girl (forget her name). Now Hurley will never get laid.
  10. Watching the new episodes, something is striking me. With the inclusion of the drop of food supplies from the Dharma group, they could have used actual food products and made tons of revenue from product placement. They opted not to do this though, and use the bland logo of the Dharma group on every box and water bottle. I wonder why they chose to do that.
  11. Lets see, what am I doing in May? 05/02 - White Rose Movement @ Slim's 05/06 - The Secret Machines, Loop!Station @ The Independent 05/09 - Nine Black Alps @ Cafe Du Nord 05/13 - Trilogy @ Cue Productions (CygnusX1Bk-2's Rush cover band) 05/26 - Ministry @ The Fillmore 05/31 - Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists @ The Warfield
  12. QUOTE (D-13 @ Apr 30 2006, 09:04 AM) QUOTE (Moonraker @ Apr 29 2006, 06:29 PM) Not bad, I wonder why they are doing so many obscure places though, there arent very many big cities on that list. I know eh'? I have no clue why...only that I know Heart wouldn't be able to sell out huge venues...maybe Seattle...but maybe thats why. They dont have to do huge venues, they could do a smaller club tour or something. You would think though that there would be more Heart fans in a city cuz more people live in the city, I dunno how many people they plan on getting to go if they are playing in places in the middle of nowhere.
  13. Not bad, I wonder why they are doing so many obscure places though, there arent very many big cities on that list.
  14. QUOTE (thestand @ Apr 28 2006, 02:23 PM) QUOTE (2112-Rob-2112 @ Apr 28 2006, 03:24 PM) QUOTE (thestand @ Apr 28 2006, 12:05 PM) Seeing tomorrow- R.V. wow im sorry Why's that? Someone can't see some mindless entertainment once in awhile? I mean, coming from someone who puts Pirates O' the Carribean in his top 5, I would say that you shouldn't make that comment. If it's the script, I understand that it's mindless stupidity. But guess what? Every once in awhile, I want to see sewage spewed on Robin Williams. And if it's a Robin Williams thing, I have two things to say- 1- One Hour Photo 2- What Dreams May Come Speaking of One Hour Photo, credit has to be due to Mark Romanek as well. He also did the directing btw of Closer and The Perfect Drug music videos for Nine Inch Nails years ago.
  15. QUOTE (telegraphcreeklocal @ Apr 27 2006, 09:38 PM) Roger Waters bulletin: If your in California early October, 2006, he plays the Hollywood Bowl on the 5th. The place has all new acoustics, just ask RUSH they broke it in for R30. TCL Check out the Pink Floyd thread, he announced an entire amphitheatre tour for most of the US.
  16. QUOTE (bardan @ Apr 25 2006, 10:00 PM) I wasn't able to get Tool tix for next month in Chicago but June will be a busy month for me: 6/7-DMB and G Love in Columbus 6/9-Gov't Mule and Umphrey's McGee in Columbus 6/10-Umphrey's McGee and Disco Biscuits in Indy 6/14-Tom Petty and Trey Anastasio in Columbus 6/16-Allman Brothers and Derek Trucks Band in Cincy 6/23-(maybe) Tom Petty and Trey Anastasio in Indy 6/24-Pearl Jam in Cincy 6/30-moe. in Dayton Very cool Bardan, your June is looking as busy as my March was.
  17. Huge news for Roger Waters fans http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/news/0604213.html As Roger Waters' 2006 summer tour of Europe moves ever closer, we have news for our North American friends - the complete run-down of shows he will be playing there in the Fall, along with the dates that tickets go on sale. The tour promises a complete run-through of the 1973 Pink Floyd classic, Dark Side Of The Moon, as the second half of the show. The first half is a mix of Floyd classics and Roger's solo material. Elaborate staging is promised, designed by Mark Fisher, complete with projections, and a full, 360 degree quadrophonic sound system. The dates below show on the dates that tickets go on general sale. American Express cardholders will be able to purchase tickets 7 days prior to the public on-sale date, and Amex have already begun emailing their customers with ticketing information. Our Roger Waters 2006 Tour Room will be updated with full details of these new dates imminently - including relevent websites, maps to the venues, and more. 6 Sept PNC, Holmdel, NJ, USA On sale: May 19th 8 Sept Tweeter Center, Boston, Mass, USA On sale: April 29th 12 Sept Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA On sale: May 15th 13 Sept Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA On sale: May 15th 15 Sept Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY, USA On sale: May 19th 16 Sept Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ, USA On sale: May 13th 18 Sept The Palace, Detroit, MI, USA On sale: May 6th 20 Sept Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada On sale: May 1st 21 Sept Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada On sale: May 1st 23 Sept Nissan Center, Bristow, VA, USA On sale: May 20th 24 Sept Post Gazette Pavilion, Pittsburgh, PA, USA On sale: May 1st 27 Sept Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH, USA On sale: April 29th 29 Sept First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USA On sale: May 1st 30 Sept Verizon Wireless, Indianapolis, IN, USA On sale: May 1st 3 Oct Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ, USA On sale: April 29th 5 Oct Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA On sale: April 30th 8 Oct Theater Under The Stars, Las Vegas, NV, USA On sale: TBA 10 Oct Shoreline Amphitheatre, San Francisco, CA, USA On sale: May 7th 12 Oct Key Arena, Seattle, WA, USA On sale: May 6th Our thanks (as ever) to Roger's manager for his help... --- YOU CAN GUESS WHERE IM GONNA BE ON OCT. 10th!!!!
  18. I have to agree with Jack on this. The first one was amazing, but every other one after that wasnt worth a first watch.
  19. Apocalypse Now with "The End" by The Doors
  20. Gettysburg is a favorite of mine, I remember when they used to show it on TV, they would split it up into halves, 3 hours the first night, 3 hours the second night. Thats including commercials though, the movie is 254 minutes long.
  21. Went to Amoeba today and picked up a few new things. Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth Thomas Dolby - Astronauts & Heretics The Editors - The Back Room Nine Inch Nails - Every Day Is Exactly The Same (single) Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party The Raveonettes - Whip It On Also picked up the first Loop!Station release, "Conversations With Water" at their show last week when they opened for Thomas Dolby. New favorite band.
  22. Cooking Your Placenta! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are several sumptuous recipes around so that you can enjoy cooking and eating your placenta; this one is for roasting it:- Work on the basis that each placenta weighs approximately 1/6 of the baby's weight. To prepare a placenta, cut the meat away from the membranes with a sharp knife. Discard the membranes. Roast Placenta 1-3lb fresh placenta (must be no more than 3 days old) 1 onion 1 green or red pepper (green will add colour) 1 cup tomato sauce 1 sleeve saltine crackers 1 tspn bay leaves 1 tspn black pepper 1 tspn white pepper 1 clove garlic (roasted and minced) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Method -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Preheat oven to 350 degrees) Chop the onion and the pepper & crush the saltines into crumbs. Combine the placenta, onion, pepper, saltines, bay leaves, white and black pepper, garlic and tomato sauce. Place in a loaf pan, cover then bake for one and a half hours, occasionally pouring off excess liquid. Serve and enjoy! http://www.mothers35plus.co.uk/plac_rec.htm
  23. Tom's sleeping full tonight, he just had his baby.
  24. Dammit to hell!!! I got this email a couple hours ago --- Dear Slim's & GAMH patrons, We are extremely saddened to announce that due to health issues, the Hard-Fi show at Slim's on Fri. Apr. 28 has been cancelled. Refunds are available at place of purchase. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!! -Slim's / GAMH
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