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Houston tickets


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Impressive. There are only 88 tickets left on StubHub for tonight's show (as of 7:44 EST); 9 in upper deck, 10 on the floor, and 69 in the lower level.


Ok - going to say it (can't believe I'm going this route) - "Houston, we do NOT have a problem."



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I am sure Houston will be a sellout or close to it....but the low number of seats on stubhub on the floor might be attributed to the fact that the VIP seats were sold as those where you don't know where your seat is until you pick up your ticket at willcall an hour or so before showtime---this really stops brokers in their tracks because they can't list it online without knowing where it is and then once it is picked up, there isn't much time to unload it. I wish all venues would do the VIP seats like this....I've heard plenty of people who did extremely well buying them and it cuts out the brokers from the premium seat game for the most part
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