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Installing Windows 7 onto an SSD, but keeping main programs on separate hard drive


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I'm going to be building a PC in the next few months. I've got a pretty huge budget, and one of the SSDs I plan to use will be for the Windows installation. I know Windows takes up about 50 GB of disk space and has a 10 GB hibernation file, so I should be fine with an 80 GB SSD (to include the OS, Office, and other "essential" programs relating to Windows itself). This is not my problem, however; I know that Windows likes to keep all program files and folders into the drive it is installed ONTO. What I want to know is: is it possible to install Windows onto an SSD, but have all of its folders moved to the main hard drive I'm going to be using for storage of my files? As far as I know, and for as many Windows installations I've done for friends and other people, I've never seen an option like you have in many Linux distros where the /root partition contains all necessary files for the OS, and the /home partition contains everything user generated.


Considering this is Microsoft we're talking about, I don't suppose there IS a way to do this. But, surely, I should be able to basically make the SSD a root partition (where all necessary files for the OS to boot and run are installed) and have my files on a separate partition onto one of the two other SSDs I will be using.

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