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RUSH songs for a beginner guitar player


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I would like to suggest getting the music for "The Fountain of Lamneth" There are some real easy things in that song that will teach you some new chords and you can play right along w/ the recording.


"Rivendale" is another one that is a quicky.


Keep working on "Broons Bane". Its my fav. I learned it in High School 30+ years ago and still play it just to keep my hand in shape. Then you will walk right into "The Trees". Dont be afraid of using youtube.

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QUOTE (spock @ Jul 10 2012, 05:01 PM) The first Rush song I learned was "In the Mood" - I still like playing that tune. Maybe that's 'cause it was also the first solo I could figure out! A lot of the songs from the first 2.gif album are simple but really RAWK to play on guitar (IMHO). I really learned a lot about Alex's playing from that album - some of the unusual scales and notes he chose that you can still hear in later songs.


I remember the first time I played La Villa all the way through - what a trip from 2.gif to Strangiatto!


There's no better way to learn yer way around the guitar than learning the Lerxst.


You know, I haven't really tried any from the first album. I should, huh?


I can play about 75% of La Villa. Lemme tell you, the first time I played the LVS theme, I couldn't stop grinning for hours! biggrin.gif



I can play just about all of it as well, but man that solo is tough.

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Another vote for CttH. The arpeggiated intro is the toughest part, and really just a picking trick that serves as good exercise for teaching better pick control.


The beginning of Natural Science is a nice strum on an acoustic. The rest of the song is technical in nature and IMO not much fun unless you're needing to learn it for a Rush cover band or something.


Nobody's Hero is not particularly hard, I remember it being mostly 'big' bar(re) chords.


There's a lot of electric guitar played songs that work fine on an acoustic as well. Between the Sun and Moon comes to mind.

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