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Trailer Park Boys


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Just picked up tickets today to The Trailer Park Boys Comedy Tour. Too bad it is a week and a half before Rush is in town. Have seen videos where Alex has made guest appearances.


Any one else a fan?

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Netflix has all 7 seasons available on streaming. I am three episodes into season 7. Love the show. It just got better and better after every season. Season 7 though seems a bit weak. Maybe that is why it is the last?


'Really Randy? Contest winner?' !



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QUOTE (tripdad @ Apr 8 2011, 09:18 AM)
Excuse me, coming through, this man is drunk at shit and is a male prostitute...

Have to admit, that was pretty damned funny. Then Bubbles commentary, yeah, I have seen Ricky use that one a lot, usually the cops show up!


In all seriousness though, Mike (bubbles) and Alex playing acoustic closer to the heart gave me goose bumps the first time I watched it.

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