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Clockwork Angels Symbols...


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Found this:


Around the clock symbols are:

Noon: Copper

One: Brimstone

Two: Purification (sometimes interchangeable with a square cross, which is an earth symbol)

Three: Mercury

Four: Winter

Five: Zinc

Six: Sun

Seven: Aquarius

Eight: Etheric oil, it could also be Quicklime

Nine: Neptune

Ten: Lead

Eleven: Earth





I don't think the symbols are relative to that though. Although BU2B's symbol at 1:00 is Brimstone which seems to match up with the anti-"fire and brimstone" standpoint of BU2B, I think it's simpler than that.


The symbol looks like a crucifix being brought up out of infinity, which relates to the theme of BU2B... Perhaps the symbol's textbook translation isn't as important as the direct visual.


For example, 3:00 means "Mercury", but it also looks like a devil, which seems more along the lines of a Rush song. 8:00 is "etheric oil", but it looks like a sword in a stone.


Any thoughts?

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That's very interesting. Some of the symbols I knew, as I do horoscopes. Aquarius, Mercury and Neptune for example.


Perhaps the concept of the album has to do with alchemy? Those symbols all show up in that "science." Maybe each sign will have something to do with each song?


Also, the planet Mercury is the ruler of the astrological sign of Virgo, which both Alex and Neil fall under. The Sun is Geddy's ruling planet, as he is a Leo. Just a thought...


I agree with what the "reader" on that site wrote; there are layered meanings to pretty much all ancient symbols. Knowing how Neil likes to layer lyrics, I wouldn't be quick to assign any meaning to any of them as yet. Sure will be fun trying to figure it all out next year cool.gif



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