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Dazed & Confused?


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can't say i know what life was like in the 70s, but i'd guess from what the movie shows, it's pretty daggum accurate!! rock, weed, pants so tight you need pliars to zip them up..lol!! man, i watched this for the first time w/ the rest of my band, & we sang along to like..every single song..we passed around a sharpie (no weed tongue.gif we're good girls) & were up til like 4 in the morning watchin it..needless to say it was so worth it. definitely teaching my generation strong positive values. wink.gif



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Great movie, one of my favorite films. Some very classic lines in this movie...

"Hey man, you got any smoke?"

"No man, not on me",

"Well you'd be a lot cooler if you did!"


Love it!

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