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    R30 - Kansas City
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    Xanadu, AF2K, La Villa,... yea, yea, all of 'em, I know!
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    AF2K and PeW
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    R30 Tour in Kansas City, MO. The best I've seen them play... ever!
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    No other "favorites," but most 'classic rock' bands
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    Voice only
  1. There are so many 'little glimpses' into the little world inside her mind that it's scarry... Give that woman a "sedagive" stat! Oh wait... "... incoming message from the Big Giant Head..." Toys, toys, toys,... in the attic!
  2. I'll be gone for more than a week because my Mom hurt herself and I'm going there to take care of her. So, in light of that, here's the answer (big deal, I know!) and I'll be back soon. "JOHN LENNON once declared he would rather have been a member of Python than the Beatles." Although George and Ringo had the most "contact" with Python, it was Lennon who, apearhently either really liked Python, or really disliked being a Beatle. Anyway, by default, because you were the only guesser this time... Sark takes the reigns! You're up my friend! See ya soon.
  3. QUOTE (Sark @ Feb 11 2006, 10:44 AM)Alright then, bananas! We haven't done bananas have we? I will guess Ringo then. (33.3% ) Shut up. Right now you, Mr Apricot. No! Oh, man! I'm sorry! It down to 50/50, eh? I'll say it again, I had no idea either! For me anyway, it was the last person of the 4 that I would have picked... for what that's worth!
  4. QUOTE (Sark @ Feb 9 2006, 02:38 PM) Was that George? (25% chance of success, so what the hell right? ) Sorry for the delay... my bad! Actually NO! That's what I thought too. I was kind of suprised myself, and yes, you could use that as a hint, if you want! one down, 3 to go!
  5. QUOTE (Arndrake @ Feb 9 2006, 06:24 AM) btw, did anyone notice the MacGuyver Mastercard commercial? It showed a bunch of little MacGuyverisms as Mac escapes from an exploding industrial building. Then it shows Mac using his Mastercard to buy all of the little items (like the air freshener tree and the panty hose) used during his escape. I thought it was kind of cute. But trying to make Richard Dean Anderson look twenty years younger was just not doable. I thought the SAME THING!
  6. Hello again Sark! Thanks... well, I guess I'll go then... This is an easy one, seeing as there are only 4 possible answers! (But I had never heard this before.... AND I don't know why!) Who once declared he would rather have been a member of Python than the Beatles?
  7. "Everyone one I work with is a Jackass!"
  8. They really get $300 a seat? Loved the caveman one! Squashed him flat!
  9. Do we get any more help here... or do we just need to move on? Or is anyone interested anymore? OH... My Brain Hurts! http://orangecow.org/pythonet/mrgumby.gif
  10. Congrats ProgRush2112! Holy sh*t!!! I just realized I hit Superconductor! Well, here's to us!
  11. QUOTE (Dread Pirate Robert @ Feb 3 2006, 08:04 PM)In all honesty, however, this thread arose purely as an unintentional byproduct of my being really drunk on Bigfoot Ale at a time when Animal House came on and then feeling inspired to praise that movie "My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily." Oh wait... too late! -War's over. Wormer dropped the big one. -What? "Over"? Did you say "Over"? Nothing's over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no! -Germans? -Forget it, he's rolling."
  12. afansince74


    Gotta love their sense of humor!! Part 4... of a trilogy?! Why are we here? Because we'er here. Row the Boats
  13. afansince74


    QUOTE (Snowdog @ Jan 6 2006, 04:11 PM)QUOTE (Mustard Death @ Jan 6 2006, 02:33 PM) I believe it should be called the Fear tetralogy... The Enemy Within and The Weapon are the best, I think, so you should check them out... The Weapon! Now there's a song they should pull out of the vault for the next tour! OOOhhhh..... The Weapon...... Oohhhhh!!!! I'm on board with you there, Snow!
  14. I must say RR, although your APOD thread may not be the longest thread on this board, it certainly is on of the best! Don't EVER stop posting on this RR. Thanks, for keeping us all a little bit smarter about our universe...
  15. QUOTE (Barchetta Unlimited @ Jan 22 2006, 01:57 AM)QUOTE (afansince74 @ Jan 21 2006, 04:19 PM)Of course, this is where you might expect to see an actual ANSWER to the question(s)... but that is where you'd be mistaken this time! Not a clue to either of these (although "The Royal Shakespeare Company" seems to jog something in my memory, but I just can't think of what! ) Ok, I should have mentioned that both questions refer to the same sketch. More hints? De Vega sounds like a Spanish name. And of course it's somewhat naughty. Still nothing... I think we need more info...
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