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Happy Tail Ale


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Yes, it's beer! But, it's for dogs.


Non-alcoholic and non-carbonated, our Happy Tail Ale is the ultimate liquid refreshment for your best friend. Our brew is made with choice malted barley and filtered water, featuring all-natural beef flavorings. Plus, it's fortified with Glucosamine and Vitamin E!


Sure, there are lots of ways you show your dog you love him: Taking him for a walk, giving him a belly rub, tossing him a few treats...but how about a beer? Of course, you can't give him the same beer you grab from the fridge when YOU want a treat! Alcohol, hops and carbonation are bad for dogs. But what about giving him a drink that not only tastes good, but is healthy as well?


Your dog will love our Happy Tail Ale, cold from the fridge and in a flavor he loves!

The Happy Tail Ale Story...

How Beer for Dogs was invented:

"Beer for dogs" all started with our very own Kodiak Bear. We adopted Kodi in the summer of 2002 and fell in love. Kodi has grown into a playful, sweet and loyal companion and we try to do whatever we can to let him know how much he means to us. We feed him the best food we can, rub his tummy every time he rolls over to ask, and take him to the doggie park whenever possible.


We also take him camping, and it was on these trips that we noticed that he had an affinity for beer. While sitting around the campfire at night, we noticed that if we put our beers down on the ground next to our chairs, he'd knock them over and try to lick it from the dirt!


So, the night before his second birthday, we were talking about what we should give him as a 'present.' We talked about buying him some nonalcoholic brew that he could have all to himself, without trying to knock ours over! And, that's how the idea came about...to make a version just for dogs. No alcohol, no carbonation. Made with malted barley and filtered water, fortified with Glucosamine and Vitamin E, with a natural beef flavor!




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