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Rush related novel

Richard Reyes

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I wrote a novel about going to a Rush concert in 1980. Most of the book is set in the parking lot of the concert hall because, you know, you have to get there early for a general admission show if you want to get close to the stage. The book is loaded with bright stuff for the uber Rush fans such as references to deep cuts, a discussion about the misprinted lyrics on Permanent Waves, a “street theater” production based on 2112, philosophical musings about the Fear sequence, and so on.


And then things get weird. The boundaries between the real and the unreal collide when a necromancer weaves a snake kaiju out of threads of fear. Limelight is used to create sci-fi weaponry. Exotic energy shatters the boundaries between realms of the multiverse. The characters spiral through a timeless space to a strange immortal place. What strange place, you ask? How about a remote world of barren landscape save for the giant floating brain beneath a royal blue sky.


Meanwhile, our heroes wrestle with their own inner demons related to race, religion, friendship, and love.


You can purchase a copy exclusively through Amazon.



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I looked it up and I don't always appreciate members joining just to sell stuff - but a book is a book.

You wrote about my favourite band, I like books, I like that you wrote a book about my favourite band.

Seven dollars, I will read it after my current Kindle book :)

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You have not been active since, I am learning.

Interesting book, but to be honest it should be called:


Racism and Prog - A journey into my mind; journeys, upon journeys.


The concert is at the very end, and you spent a lot (such a lot) of time contemplating personal feelings.

You are a better writer than I am.

If you want others' opinions, I think you would do very well at poetry?

Honest. And parts of the book were really good. There was just so much diversion from what the "buyer" thinks they are getting.


Cheers, and good luck!

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Below is a link to a pdf of my Rush novel. I am providing it free to read and share. I've realized it's not going to make me rich and famous or win a National Book Award (LOL!) so now I'm just giving it away. 


General Admission. a novel.


(Buyer beware: You get what you pay for (!)(?)

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