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Star Trek: Day of the Dove


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Larry Sharpe is a libertarian pol. He ran for Governor of NY and the veep slot for the Libertarian ticket in 2020. He posted the following on Fakebook.






Star Trek (TOS) predicted Today's US Politics in the 60s? Sci-Fi Predicts, LIVE Sharpe Way at 7pm.


What did Star Trek producers know? Or is it coincidence? I'll react to the classic Star Trek episode "Day of the Dove" and discuss it with you. That and more, LIVE tonight.




I didn't join the live discussion because I was unfamiliar with the episode, even though I've probably seen it at least three times in my life if not more. I don't have every TOS moment cemented in my memory. I just finished watching the episode. Who is the alien, BLM, Trump, the bipartisan Swamp/Deep State, The Globalists?


What say you?

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