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Alex's Hiwatt Amps


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Howdy fellow RUSHians...


Wondering if some of you knowledgable folks know which Hiwatts Alex was using around the late 70s....I think its mentioned around the time of A Farewell to Kings / Permanent Waves. Some say its the DR103, some say it's the Canadian version DR105 with different gain staging and I recently read someone batting around the idea of the DR504.



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"Did you keep the Hiwatts for Permanent Waves?

Actually, on that album I used a number of different amp combinations. I used a Mesa/Boogie to drive a Marshall cabinet, a 100-watt Hiwatt head to power both a Hiwatt and a Marshall cabinet, and a Marshall Mark II head driving a Marshall cabinet with four 12" Celestions. Add to all that a Leslie with a Hiwatt head, which I also used on Hemisphere,. and that's about it for amps.

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