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Top notch Rush tribute band Fleesh, album The Next Hemisphere


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We've all seen good to fair Rush tribute bands. In all the cover bands I've personally been in that do Rush, and with all the other bands that I've seen do Rush, there is always a certain rock edge but a general struggle to get through the song. This one is fresh, smooth, innovative, and, and dare I say, emotional (check out The Pass). Smooth Brazilian female vocals (Gabby), all instruments and production by one awesome dude (Celo). As Rush in Rio testifies, much love for Rush in Brazil.


https://www.youtube....next hemisphere


Fleesh is a Brazilian Rock project formed by Gabby Vessoni and Celo Oliveira.


"The Next Hemisphere" - a Rush Tribute, released on October 2017 available in all digital platforms for buying and streaming. (iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify) Recorded, mixed and mastered by Celo Oliveira at Kolera Home Studio. Artwork by Gabby Vessoni




The Garden

The Pass



The Trees

Here Again

Losing It

The Way the Wind Blows



Nobody's Hero

Closer to the Heart

The Stars Look Down



Note that many of these are the "Rush ballads", so don't expect metal or hard rock versions like Halestorm or Sebastian Bach's stuff, Respect.

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I will give them ten for effort and it is very well done. I won't criticize them too much because it's a labour of love but my life loved it .Interesting to hear a female vocal interpration and choice of songs.Haven't heard the whole album yet.
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Thought "The Pass" was beautifully done by both artists; Resist not quite as good. Look forward to listening to the others!
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