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Found 9 results

  1. Once you RUSH posers get your hands on the new RUSH Vapor Trails remix edition, will it mean the end of the road for your VT 2002 copy? Or will you find yourself sticking with the old one??? Only time will tell of course, but what is your feeling right now based on the two VT song remixes from a while back? :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi: :guitar:
  2. I'm intrigued by Rush's upcoming 2015 re-re-re-releases of all the Mercury-era albums ('75-'88), specifically about the Hi-Res format. Sony's been aggressively marketing and getting lots of press about their recent attempt to push the format to the mainstream. I know that "high definition" audio (anything over 44.1 / 16-bit audio - CD quality) has been around pretty much as long as the CD itself, but in this day and age, nobody seems to care. While I do think that the iTunes era isn't as detrimental or bad to the listening experience as people seem to overdramatize, there is somewhat of an appetite for the next step. I've noticed over the years there have been countless Rush re-releases and special editions on albums released in SACD, High definition audio, 5.1 surround mixes, the Sectors box set... The original CD releases back in the 80s were a bit before my time, I bought every single 1997 Rush Remasters CD. But, people say these ones are WAY better than the rush remasters, or any recent remasters. I was a sucker though and wanted the original artwork (which was missing on the older 80s CDs) and thought, hey if its remastered, its GOTTA be better (to my ears it was just louder). Never bothered to get the Sectors box set, although the samples i've heard, they sound good, if not almost no difference (to me) compared to the 1997 remasters. So ANYWAYS - does anybody have practical, first hand experiences outlining the differences between all of them? Or perhaps some of the lesser mainstream, audiophile specific releases? Such as those on HDtracks.com, the SACDs, DVD audio , etc?
  3. tas7

    Signals, a question?

    So being bored on a Friday night and a lack of Rush news was wondering if the powers that be managed to produce a 5.1 mix of Signals how come they never did a proper stereo remix. If you play the 5.1 mix in stereo from the Sector 3 boxset you get this weird version as though the engineer had one too many reefers.
  4. Hey there good people of TRF! I haven't posted here in a while, but the new Vapor Trails remix opened up my eyes to how great this record really is. Songs like Secret Touch, Nocturne, Freeze sound incredible now instead of the muddy ear destroying sound they had earlier. I now like this record more than almost all of their 90's/millenial output. I have found however that the album is way too long for one comfortable sitting and I've dumped a couple of songs from the itunes playlists I've made. 10 track album: SIDE ONE One Little Victory Secret Touch Ghost Rider The Stars Look Down Vapor Trail SIDE TWO Earthshine Sweet Miracle Nocturne Freeze Out of The Cradle I've found that an 8 song album works also if you ditch Ghost Rider and Freeze, which are the songs I think drag the most. So what are your thoughts? Are there any songs on VT you can't stand or have you done something similar with your track listings?
  5. Slack jaw gaze


    One of the most underrated songs in the catalog IMO. Very pleased with the remix. I was worried the dirty riff would be too clean, but the essence of the song was kept while everything else was cleaned up. Earthshine was also cleaned up while keeping the riff true to the original. I didn't like the earlier remix of this song. The heavy essence was lost.
  6. I don't know if they copied everything in the liner notes from the original version, but this really stood out for me: As always we owe our families a huge debt of love, gratitude, appreciation, and attention. We also owe them an apology. <---- Is it some kind of Rush humor or is there something to it? Just got me curious anyway.
  7. While the sound is much better in all, the biggest improvements for me were Sweet Miracle, Secret Touch, and Freeze. I'm missing that prominent guitar riff around "If laughter is a straw for a drowning man" in Ceiling Unlimited.
  8. The Newly Remixed Version Of Vapor Trails And 7-Disc Boxed Set Of Atlantic Studio Albums Both Are Available On October 1 from Atlantic/Rhino (September 30 internationally) The Vapor Trails Remixed album will be available on CD, Double LP, and digital download on October 1 from Atlantic/Rhino. "Vapor Trails was an album made under difficult and emotional circumstances -- sort of like Rush learning how to be Rush again -- and as a result, mistakes were made that we have longed to correct. David Bottrill´┐Żs remixes have finally brought some justice and clarity to this deserving body of our work," says Geddy Lee. "Every song has been given a new life, from the fire of 'One Little Victory,' 'Secret Touch,' and 'Ceiling Unlimited' to the melodic musicality of 'Sweet Miracle' and 'How It Is'... these songs have been redeemed. Thank you David!" Neil Peart also wrote about the remix in his July 2013 update, "On These Days." The band had recently been overseeing a remixed version of our Vapor Trails album, from 2002, as we had never been happy with how it turned out. I found that trying to listen to those songs again was too upsetting, taking me back to a mindset and emotional state that hadn't been good to live through then, or to relive now. I had to "recuse" myself from those judgments, and the Guys at Work understood, of course.http://neilpeartnews..._medium=twitter
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