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Found 7 results

  1. Just stumbled upon this one: Am I crazy or is this brand new?
  2. Hello! Well, I went ahead and ordered (from Amazon - they sent it in a nice, big protected box) the reissue of this album. It is brand new; I only just now opened it and played part of Bastille Day. I don't really care for this particular mix as compared to my other pressings of it. I have NO idea at all it is is okay to mention trading albums here; so, if it isn't, please by all means let me know. Sooooo... I don't quite know what to do with it. I paid about $26 for it at Amazon, which is pretty normal and what anyone would basically pay for it new & sealed. I was thinking that if anyone here would want it, that perhaps if anyone happened to have a duplicate pressing of, say, 'AFTK', or 'Moving Pictures', for example, where it is in like Near Mint condition (since mine is brand new) but of course nothing that would be extremely valuable or expensive, but maybe a UK, Japanese, or German pressing in excellent or better condition (don't care quite as much about the condition of the cover, necessarily...) But, something that would be a nice upgrade for me for another U.S. Rush pressing that I have, or even perhaps a UK or Japanese or German pressing of another group that is in excellent or better shape where you would have either another pressing that you like more or where you have duplicate pressings and can part with one in trade for this one (King Crimson would be nice, for example - would LOVE a nice Import pressing of 'Discipline') So, I thought I'd throw that out here to see what you guys think. Any suggestions of course are fully welcome. Thanks guys!
  3. And here's the new Green Day song, "Bang Bang"!
  4. I posted this in the other thread that we have for setlists below, but I'm really interested to start a discussion on realistic AND fantastical ones sets as opposed to purely sentimental ones or those on someone's dreamline. As you'll see below, I love making rush puns. Here's my Setlist! It's both fantastical and realistic. At the beginning there were too many hands on my time, too many feelings,... Too many things on my mind. However, in the end, I detached and subdivided it over and over, but now I'm happy and would endlessly rock to it any day. Don't be afraid to give feedback on my setlist, as I can't stop thinking Big, and would enjoy others telling me what they think just between us. So here goes it. Set 1 R41 Overture - Working Man - Anthem - Bastille Day - Making Memories - What You're Doing *leading straight from the solo towards the end into the opening song* Far Cry Driven Earthshine Kid Gloves Red Tide Nobody's Hero Malignant Narcissism Drum Solo Secret Touch Closer to The Heart Second Nature Emotion Detector Headlong Flight -- Intermission -- Act 2 Spirit Of Radio Free will Jacob's Ladder Entre Nous Different Strings Natural Science Afterimage The Twilight Zone (ambitious, I know) YYZ Resist Broon's Bane The Trees Mystic Rhythms The Enemy Within Losing It (ambitious Part II) Everyday Glory Tom Sawyer -- Encore -- 2112 (Overture, Temples, Finale) La Villa Fly By Night** ** Alex talked about how he'd like to do a heavier version of FBN so assuming they do, that's where I'd put it. What do you think?
  5. Does anyone hope that on the r40 tour they do more material from counterparts? Would love to see leave that thing alone live.
  6. Was just listening to ATWAS and in the drum solo I heard parts of Didacts and Narpets! Did anyone else notice this? I thought it was cool.
  7. I don't really know her at all but have seen her in chat once in a while quite a ways back. I just know she is a prominent member here or at least has been over the years. Not to be forgotten.... Have a wonderful and special day.... :cheers: and Happy Birthday
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