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Found 7 results

  1. These three songs are built upon intriguing and difficult to follow staccato riffs, but which do you prefer?
  2. I'm heading up to Vancouver from Seattle today for the show and I was wondering about the security at the show. I was just in Victoria on Monday with my girlfriend to see Journey and I was super surprised to find out that they wouldn't even let people bring in their smokes into the venue. Luckily I was staying at an air bnb less than a block away from the arena and just went and dropped off our smokes. Went back to the gate and then they wouldn't even let me bring my lighter in! What? So for the sake of not wasting smokes, I was wondering if that's how security is at all arena shows in Canada, or if that was just a weird venue. I had never even thought about that kind of thing before. Also they cut off beer sales as soon as Journey took the stage. Wondering if they're gonna cut off beer sales super early at this show too.
  3. I know i'm going to regret spilling the beans here, but you guys in the chat room specifically asked me to create a thread about my run-in with this complete charmer. So, here goes. Before Canadian porn star wannabe turned killer Luka Magnotta was charged and eventually arrested for dismembering people and leaving parts of their bodies in several interesting places, this absolute genius and model citizen tried to advertise himself as a star on a Ning Web site from 2009 where I was a moderator for a VERY short time. The site was full of weirdos, so we didn't think much of his behavior. We already had some minor celebrities from the wrong side of YouTube, as well as people who liked to post each other's personal info everywhere in retaliation for whatever. As I said, I was a moderator for a VERY short time before quitting. Anyway, this guy's pictures suddenly appeared everywhere along with spam like you wouldn't believe. He had joined, only to post subjects like, "HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE LUKA MAGNOTTA?" etc. At one point I had to bring him up during a Skype chat with another mod. The brief but memorable exchange went something like this: ME: Who the **** is Luka Magnotta? OTHER MOD: Oh, some self-promoting queer. (Yes, those were her words.) Anyway, the guy wasn't on for long because, among the few rules we had, excessive spamming got you kicked off the site. So I never gave this so-called human being another thought until I heard his name on CNN and screamed. Like the strong and independent woman I was, I had to immediately run and tell my mother everything. Naturally, I got another lecture about people on the Internet and what weirdos they can be. And this story was still developing, mind you. I'm not Canadian, as I'm sure I've told you fellow Rushians. I'm from an American city where stories like this are far more common and usually involve a cocaine cartel or something. Still, I felt a level of guilt that left me little choice but to let my mother drag me to Confession after years of not going to church. I told the priest, and thankfully he didn't freak out. Again, this is a big city, so he's heard worse. But yeah, I think I had some nightmares as well as a few spells of waiting for Interpol to come to my house and start asking questions. Not that I wouldn't have answered them, of course.
  4. I'm assuming that there can't be too many TRFers who are into Electric Six, but I just read this post on the bands facebook from a couple of days ago and thought that y'all would find it pretty neat. https://www.facebook...-6/154062438761 Hamilton, Ontario has birthed some giants in the arts and entertainment sphere. Comedy legends Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas of Second City and SCTV are Hamiltonians. Famed Hollywood director Ivan Reitman also hails from Hamilton, as does contemporary dance/pop act Junior Boys. The focus of Electric Six's discussion today is not on any of these figures, giant as they are. Instead, we choose to discuss Neil Peart, drummer for Canada's most successful rock band ever, Rush. Peart didn't have an easy climb to the top of Rock Drummer Mountain, Crazies. Before joining Rush, he lived in London where work was so scarce for him that he was reduced to selling souvenirs to tourists just to survive. Despite his awesome skin work, Neil wasn't finding things easy, but he didn't pity himself. While in London, he discovered the works of Objectivist writer and libertarian pin up girl Ayn Rand. Rand's boostrap ethos inspired Peart to not give up and to not look to the government for any drumming related handouts. He returned to Canada to work for his father and played in an Ontario band called Hush (rhymes with "Rush," doesn't it, Crazies?). After he toiled that way for awhile, he got tipped to an opportunity to audition for Rush (not Hush) and after making a strange impression, got the gig. The rest was history, as his manic drumming style and lyrical content proved inspirational to millions of nerds worldwide. Neil Peart is a classic example of what happens when you refuse to quit and apply hard money principles to one's life. On Wednesday, July 16, Electric Six will purposefully stride upon a stage at The Casbah in Hamilton, Ontario and will do so with zero assistance from the government. Like Neil Peart, Electric Six is a firm believer in the gold standard and the primacy of the individual above all else. Electric Six worries about rampant inflation and the eroding value of its money. Yet, it doesn't worry nearly as much about having to roll in a wheelbarrow full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread as it does giving the Crazies a good time each and every night. For approximately 70 minutes, inclusive of encore, Electric Six is gonna bust a musical cap in the ass of Hamiltonian Crazies. Percussion World is not Neil Peart and he doesn't have anywhere close to the same sized kit that man uses, but he's gonna lay down a non-stop beat a Crazy won't be able to resist. Percussion World is going to apply Austrian Economics principles to the drums on Wednesday night and you'll see where that gets you, Crazy. It gets you where you want to go. 2 days ago
  5. Happy Canada Day to our neighbors up North! :hail: :7up: :smoke: :haz: :cheers: :banana: :geddy:
  6. Share this article: http://www.theonion.com/articles/nation-not-about-to-start-giving-a-shit-about-cana,34471/
  7. Hey peeps! :) The band I'm in has recorded our first EP, which is self-titled. We just released a single yesterday called "Young and Hopeless." Check it out if you're up for it! :) http://willhunterband.bandcamp.com/track/young-and-hopeless
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