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  1. I came across this last night, and couldn't believe how good it was. It concludes ABCs Sunday night game show block. $100,000 Pyramid was before it, hosted by Michael Strahan and that show was ok. Alec Baldwin hosts the new Match Game and I laughed more in the hour of this show than I did watching the last 5 SNLs :)
  2. You mean you watched a periscoped show? yeah, a guy from the second row was periscoping it. No way in hell was I spending $360 a ticket Rush is the only band worth that. :) no way. As much as I love Rush, I'd be periscoping for that price. If it was a day long event with 3 or 4 of my favorites playing, yeah, I'd do it.
  3. You mean you watched a periscoped show? yeah, a guy from the second row was periscoping it. No way in hell was I spending $360 a ticket
  4. I watched the McCartney show when he played in Milwaukee, it was pretty sweet
  5. Theres nothing of the sort on that album. I don't think I've ever heard anyone call The King of Pain "pop drivel. King of Pain is one of my alltime favorite songs by anyone
  6. Fasten seatbelts tight Your seat cushions float gently Headsets five dollars
  7. Congrats Lorraine, I knew you could do it! The brand of olive oil doest matter, the thing that's important is Extra Virgin, it's cold pressed so there isn't the heat to modify the natural benefits
  8. While I had the pantry apart, I patched any nail holes and repainted. My daughter asked if she can paint the ceiling... we said, sure. This is what we came home to yesterday http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu304/homersimpson239/Mobile%20Uploads/20160709_140728.jpg
  9. Just got back from the show and was very satisfied with what I saw. Sting even did a little Moonlit Knight. Gabriel did a killer bluesy version of If You Love Somebody... and man, the songs they did together sounded great.
  10. He's lying. He also says he "helps" people at a home improvement store. Ever been to Lowes? Never anyone there to help!
  11. http://static9.comicvine.com/uploads/original/7/79709/1892621-the_tick_spoon_by_tigerofmyth.jpg
  12. you have to know, quit playin!
  13. Yeah, could be one of any number of, like, one people. yeah, if you can't figure it out, might want to start worrying about catching Lyme disease
  14. I wonder who created that... hmmm, headscratcher............
  15. I was keeping our bird seed in the shed, but chipmunks could squeeze in the Crack between the doors. They wold chew thru the bag and eat the seed. I bought a little garbage can with a tight fitting lid and just empty the seed into that. So far... so good :) The one good thing about this mess... seeing we pulled everything out of the pantry, I am rebuilding it with sliding shelves and baskets to make everything easier to access.
  16. I know. I know I can do it, it's just a scary thought. you can do it! My mom smoked for over 40 years, tried to quit multiple times and gave up on patches and pills and just quit cold turkey. She hasn't smoked in 5 or 6 years now, and she is off almost all of the daily medication she was on.
  17. http://www.talklocal.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/iStock_000007205226XSmall.jpg A word of caution to anyone that might come across them - take action! These things sucks. We recently bought a couple bags of Maseca (ground corn product used to make tamales and tortillas) while on sale at the local Latin market. We went on vacation for a few days and came back to a few of these flying around in the pantry. We got rid of them, not really knowing what they were. Every once in a while, a few more would show up and eventually we realized we had a real issue. We cleaned out the pantry, found the bag of Maseca that was the source and tossed it out. Little did we know, that was not enough. These damn things kept appearing, and we eventually came across this site... http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Pantry-Moths The key was them laying eggs under lids. They would climb up under the lids of jars and lay eggs. We also found some inside bags of corn husks and in the corners other items.... even inside the parchment paper rolls! We cleared out the entire pantry, opened everything to check under lids and washed it all. We tossed anything that looked like it might be an issue, and it looks like we finally have the situation under control. To help prevent this again, we are putting a lot of stuff in pantry canisters instead of leaving it in the package it came in - mainly things in paper packaging like sugar, flour, etc.
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