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  1. The most ive ever paid was $400 per ticket but it was worth every penny.
  2. Ive never gotten better than 10th row thru a presale. Ive never gotten better than 20th row on the 1st day of a regular sale. I have gotten 1st row and 6th row on the day of a show. Go figure.
  3. QUOTE (fonzbear2000 @ Dec 2 2010, 09:52 PM) QUOTE (Derxst @ Dec 2 2010, 08:10 PM) I expect to pay $150 per ticket to see Rush, and I willing to pay it. If you want a cheap concert, go see Poison or Ratt at the fair. Last year I saw at the Minnesota State Fair for $70 I was at the same show. The state Fair was actually a nice venue. I paid a broker $200 for 3rd row dead center. Face was $70.
  4. I plan on going thru a broker or ebay to get a pair for the chicago show. First 5 rows. Usually you get stuck having to buy 2 this way. If anyone else is in the same boat and wants to share a pair of really good seats for this show let me know. My spending limit is $400 per ticket for this show. But I think I can get something really decent for that price.
  5. that was quite interesting. i loved the lines about rush fans being atmospheric and aromatic.
  6. QUOTE (Jomboni @ Aug 17 2010, 01:23 PM) Is the "complete" book just sheet music, or also tablature? The Complete volume 2 shows chords and sheet music but no tablatures. The Test for Echo book shows chords, sheet music and tablature.
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/RUSH-Test-Echo-Tab-Son...DefaultDomain_0 http://cgi.ebay.com/RUSH-Complete-Volume-2...DefaultDomain_0
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/RUSH-3rd-Row-Minnesota...kets_all_in_one Real 3rd Row. Dead Center. Plaza 1, Row 3, Dead Center. There are no comparable seats available online or thru the brokers.
  9. "Stop, please stop!!!" Isnt that what he was screaming when the florida police were tasering and kicking his ass a few years back.
  10. look in your yellow pages for a broker. they can tell u the seat number before you buy. look on ebay and send the seller a question asking the seat numbers.
  11. QUOTE (jkt2112 @ Aug 10 2010, 12:30 AM) For those of you who don't know, 2112 refers to a year about a hundred years from now... actually i believe that 2112 is the character's name in the story. in this futuristic society we dont have names just a number.
  12. will he be in a good mood or a shitty mood having to work on his birthday? will his family/wife be in attendence?
  13. Ive got 3rd row dead center for the show on his birthday.
  14. Other than on one tune for the last tour, he hasnt played it live in over 25 years. Whats up with that? I love its tone.
  15. Don't feel bad. Thats a long drive and those seats are kind of shitty. Im sort of in the same boat. Im working part time and getting unemployment. Just making enough to pay the bills. The only show im going to on this tour is st. paul. im driving 10-11 hours round trip for this show. only difference is i have 3rd row dead center seats. Ive seen rush 22 times in the past 22 years and im really not all that enthused over the setlist. If i had shitty seats like you have i wouldnt even think about going, but having 3rd row dead center made my decision for me. Seeing RUSH up close is a religious experience.
  16. Ive been high for 19 of the 21 times ive seen rush. i definitely think it adds to the experience. Now as a preface, for the 19 shows i went to high I never had worse than 10th row. The 2 times i went sober i had shitty nose bleed seats. Perhaps that might make me think that getting high at a show makes it better or perhaps its just cause i had awesome seats. I think weed gives the show a bit of a surreal experience. I wouldnt want to be drunk at a rush show; I wouldnt want to trip at a rush show. I think that those 2 drugs would detract from the show and take my attention away from the performances. weed definitely adds to the visual and auditory experience. I think it perhaps makes a person a better observer but maybe to a fault. I find myself being entrances by one of the members of rush on stage to the exclusion of the other two guys. Sometimes I have to force myself to look all 3 band members on an equal basis and not get so tuned into just one of them. im not sure if this is different for people who are sober at a show or its just me being stoned. This August, I will be attending my 22nd rush show in 22 years. 3rd row dead center. I will be very high for that occasion, but I will not allow anyone else at the show to notice me smoking or notice that im high. Getting high secretly without letting anyone else notice is half the fun. My desire to get high doesnt mean i have to inflict negative consequences upon others.
  17. This is my ritual before shows which doesnt force my bad behaviors on to others. When I see rush at an indoor venue I will go into the upper bowl of the stadium as far back as i can where no one is sitting. I will smoke there before the show and then again at intermission. No one sees me or smells me. At outdoor shows I will go out onto the lawn and walk back and forth across the lawn while smoking or else use a portapotty. Again no one is forced to smell or see anything. While im at my seat i dont smoke. usually i get fairly decent seats up close and security is very visible.
  18. QUOTE (yyz2112 @ Jul 24 2010, 03:57 AM) QUOTE (hughes&kettner @ Jul 21 2010, 03:22 PM) I know he mentioned smoking while they made caress on the documentary, and other than lakeside park (drinking by the lighthouse, smoking on the peer) there are no other weed references that come to mind...so why do all you Russians smoke weed at shows?? Not bashing, just wondering. 'no other weed references' A Passage to Bangkok anyone? Someone told me that Roll the Bones is a reference to rolling joints.
  19. QUOTE (trenken @ Jul 23 2010, 08:09 PM) They are trigger notes. You'll notice if you watch their recent DVDs, he will hit them and an entire section of keys will play. Youll see him just holding that note while something is playing. I think its just because its probably too much for him to memorize at this point. Not only do they have to learn songs they dont listen to on a regular basis like we do, but he has to remember the lyrics, vocal melodies and basslines. Playing all the keys is a bit much I think, so he those dots are trigger notes. They are also reference points as someone mentioned, but thats not all they are. Does anyone consider that cheating? Isnt it similar to mili vanilli lip synching?
  20. I believe it opens up parts of our brain that we usually dont use.
  21. QUOTE (Paulp Fiction @ Jul 22 2010, 09:21 PM) From the sound of some of the marijuana trips a lot of you guys claim to have had, it sounds like you've been getting some laced shit. These panic attacks and bouts of paranoia arent from the weed being laced or being bad weed. These types of behaviors and fears are caused by the weed being reaped/picked at the wrong time in its life cycle.
  22. Lets ask the question: Best RUSH songs to listen to while high? Top 15 in no particular order: Passage to Bangkok The Necromancer Xanadu Bravado (Alex's solo Live) cygnus X-1 Natural Science Red Barchetta Losing It YYZ (the only rush song you can actually dance to) Grand Designs Time and Motion (Live) Stick It Out (The video is trippy) No One at the Bridge I Think Im Going Bald Lakeside Park
  23. Ive been to RUSH concerts sober and stoned and i can honestly say its much more enjoyable while stoned. the music does sound much better. i find that the best time to get high at a rush concert is during spirit of the radio. everyone has their arms in the air and thats the time to light up without security seeing you.
  24. ive been to a few concerts where the opening act was better than the headlineing band or atleast just as good as.
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