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  1. chilling out and jamming out to The Call
  2. obviously go for this, and be on the lookout for more temp office/WFH jobs. graveyard shift janitorial work on top of another regular labor job will burn you out, try to make a shift to an office if that's what you like. plus a temp job always has the possibility of becoming full-time work with luck
  3. The Call is maybe the most underrated new wave group of all time
  4. this is my favorite song of all-time, and i'm glad i could help you track it down
  5. we should implement a 6 foot social distancing policy on our flights, please get away from me
  6. their first three albums are nothing compared to their last four, chuck was a great lyricist and also wrote guitar riffs which are still crazy by today’s standards. the pioneer of the genre (death metal) is still the best example of it to this day imo. prob a top 10 band for me, and they’re one i also got into relatively recently (2019)
  7. dude! score! send it over here if you don't mind
  8. moonrise/moonset pattern has been optimal for 4 AM morning walks lately
  9. It's definitely more accurate, 1984's lost ground these past couple decades while brave new world has gained it. sex as a means to control (huxley) rather than repressed away (orwell), citizens being global rather than national and emotionless automatons (huxley) rather than brainwashed nation slaves (orwell) lastly surveillance has fallen into the hands of mob-rule / chaos way more than it should ever have IMO, both brave new world/1984 present it to be more authoritarian and top-down than it really has played out in our reality. maybe that will change later
  10. Freddy Got Fingered is better than any comedy movie in the 'American Pie' subgenre
  11. we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death
  12. i know for fact i've made that joke before but not sure if it was here
  13. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F# A# G
  14. today i caved in and bought some 'liquid death'. it's just plain mountain water in a can, which i like, but the advertising has always been too tryhard for my liking so i've avoided it for that reason.
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