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  1. Just received my tickets (Ticket Today) for the Montreal show today :dweez:
  2. Has anyone received shipping notifications for tickets for the Montreal show (from Tickets Today)???
  3. QUOTE (USB Connector @ Aug 26 2012, 02:37 PM) Anyone get any emails for Montreal? Nothing yet for the Montreal show. I got tickets from the Music Today presale, and my 10 year old son keeps asking if we've received the tickets yet.
  4. 1984 - Grace Under Pressure - Montreal Forum
  5. QUOTE (Anthem @ Jul 9 2010, 08:39 PM) Received an e-mail, mine shipped today. I doubt it will be here by next Friday (in time for next Saturday's show), but I'll keep my fingers crossed!!! Like I said in me previous message, I received an e-mail saying my merchandise was shipped (received the e-mail Friday evening). I get home from work today and I have received the package This was sent regular "international parcel", not FedEx or UPS. This must have been shipped out earlier than Friday, but they only sent me the e-mail on Friday.... The water bottle is great, the T-Shirt is nice, but I will still need to pick up another one on Saturday
  6. Received an e-mail, mine shipped today. I doubt it will be here by next Friday (in time for next Saturday's show), but I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!
  7. QUOTE (johndyar @ Jul 6 2010, 08:45 PM) I got mine today. T-Shirt & Water bottle??? I spoke to someone from Musictoday and he said the shirts are in but not the water bottles and that's what the hold-up is. He said the supplier keeps pushing the date back. Now they are saying mid-July....
  8. QUOTE (tripdad @ Jul 2 2010, 08:44 PM) Email they sent me today said they were delayed and now expected to ship July 6th. Man were these popular or something?? I want my T for Toronto trip damn it! Still no e-mail about shipping My first concert is also T.O. so I doubt I will receive this before June 17th at this point....
  9. QUOTE (micgtr71 @ Jul 3 2010, 06:07 AM) I will be bringing my 11 year old son to SPAC in July. It will be his 2nd Rush show. His first was the SPAC show back in '08 (12th row). My oldest brother brought me to my first Rush concert back on the GUP tour. I am bringing my son (8 years old) to his first Rush concert @ SPAC. It will be my third time to this venue, always enjoy seeing Rush play there!!!
  10. Spoke to someone from MT yesterday, they checked their system for pre-orders and they said the shipping date has been pushed back to July 6th. Since someone posted that they received their t-shirts, I guess the delay is with the water bottles, but I thought I read somewhere before that the delay was with the T-Shirts......
  11. Any updates on the Tshirt/water bottle combo?? I still have not received any e-mails saying that they were shipped. I sent MT an e-mail, we'll see how long it will take for a response, but I was wondering if others have received them yet???
  12. QUOTE (Hemispheres89 @ Jun 29 2010, 09:57 PM) Which section are you guys in? I'm in section 321, beside the stage, Geddy's side FLR L (Alex side) Row 1
  13. QUOTE (strangeboy @ Jun 24 2010, 10:03 PM) QUOTE (Anthem @ Jun 24 2010, 04:51 PM) QUOTE (Hemispheres89 @ Jun 24 2010, 11:19 AM) QUOTE (strangeboy @ Jun 24 2010, 11:11 AM) Still nothing for me. ACC show, Toronto on July 17 Anybody else....this will be the last time I'm ordering from Music Today....and I thought ticketmaster sucked. Depending on the city you're from, it will give or take a few days. Give it til monday, and if not then, contact them. This is the most ridiculous setup I've ever seen in my life. I'd rather take my chances with Ticketmaster, at least they ship right away. I agree, however since I scored amazing seats using the presale, I will live with the fact that I still don't have them yet. I did receive my tickets for the Saratoga show which is almost 1 week after the ACC show and they shipped 2 weeks ago.... Thing is Anthem; though I am happy with my seats at the ACC, everybody and their second cousin offers presales these days (Q107, AmEX, Ticketmaster)...I just know now not to bother with this particular one. I agree that there are a lot of presales. Actually when I got my tickets for the ACC show, I was also trying the American Express Pre-Sale. I was consistently getting better seats with MT (at least for this show). Anyway, all I'm saying is that even if it's a pain to have to wait for our tickets, I will not write-off MT because they are late in sending them out. Besides this will be the first time I see Rush from the front row
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