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  1. Stu!!!!!! What's up, brethren? Uncle Seige wants to know which Opeth discaroonies you're familiar with at present. I was just reading an interview with Steve Wilson where he talks about how layered and sprinkled with subtle complexity all the Opeth albums are that he has worked on. And, when you listen to things like Blackwater, Deliverance, Damnation, Ghost Reveries long enough, you begin to hear the band in a totally different light. All the nuances really rise to the surface and you become conscious of relationships in the compositions that kinda elude you the first dozen spins. Wilson says that the mark of a great piece of music. Something that reveals itself a little at a time. It really took me much longer than any other band to get into these guys.
  2. Where can that crazy, "Stop That Pigeon" theme song be found?...Or, does that song have nothing to do with Genesis? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUb761oGt4g
  3. Nah, I just listened to it again and the lead-off track, 'Match of the Day' is catchy as all get-out. I should know by now not to judge a song on the first time I hear it, but I'll do it again tomorrow for sure. lol. Is this Genesis Plays Jackson a finished piece of music that never got published, like along the lines of Tull's Chateau D'isaster?
  4. Genesis plays Jackson, huh? That's another reel of music I had no idea existed. They keep mounting. I came across another two just recently. A while back I told Mystic Slipperman about stumbling across the studio material on Side Four of Three Sides Live and how I hadn't heard songs like 'Paperlate' and 'You Might Recall' since their brief stint on the radio back when I was a kid. But, just this week I found a three-song EP that apparently came out in 1977. 'Spot The Pigeon' they called it. I have no idea how it was released or if many at all got to hear the thing back in the day. But, it's nothing to get real excited about anyway. Only the last track 'Inside and Out' appears to be a keeper. And, the whole lot is probably comprised of leftovers from the Wind and Wuthering sessions. Nevertheless, another three new Genesis songs for those who have never heard them. But, I'd like to know if this Pigeon EP was released as part of the second box??
  5. QUOTE The existence of Homosexuality negates your entire argument. Please. Homosexuality is not a rule, it's an exception, an evolutionary dead-end. It's an anomaly meant to slow the pace of overpopulation and uneven breeding schemas. If men and women aren't produced in equal numbers, then the entire natural system goes out of whack. We are now finding that the major of gay men are being born in a specific birth order. More times than not they come after one or more older brothers. Having two or more older brothers increases one's chance of being born gay several hundred percent. Homosexuality completely shuts off a man's desire for females, and it a natural setting, any possibility of him spreading his genes. IF he comes after two older brothers, he really should have been born a girl to even things out. Since he is not born a girl, nature makes him gay. QUOTE What I hear you saying here is that the only reason our race advanced at all is because men desperately female attention and work to achieve it. While this may be true for some men, I firmly believe that the majority of the great accomplishments came from people (both male and female) who felt passionately about something (Art, Music, Architecture, etc.) and worked to make their dreams a reality. It was not solely because of this "male gaze" you keep mentioning, it was a lot of other things too. I'm not saying that any of these things are conscious . That's not how Evolution or the human mind works. How it works is dependent on what proves to be beneficial to the survival of the individual. Way before humanity got its start, our predecessors who were the biggest, fastest, strongest and smartest found ways to obtain resources, mount females and protect offspring. The descendants of those with the strongest sex-drive, then themselves, also became endowed with a deviation in their genetic code that embues a 'strong' sex-drive. And, onward and downward through the ages of man. The sex-drive increases in strength in direct proportion to how beneficial that variable is to the survival of the genes. And, in our lot, Sex proves to be the largest motivating factor ever. But, a man who is figuring out how to design a house or write a play or symphony is not consciously thinking to himself that when this thing is finally done it will now afford him a bunch of new, sexual prospects. No, it's not conscious at all. It works because those of his ancestors who designed things in the past, and showed an affinity for music, went on to have many more sexual conquests than those in the community who didn't have these skills. And, because these folks were pumping much more of their DNA out into gene pool, they were outbreeding and thus outnumbering those without any of these skills....So, now, today, when a person is born with skills he doesn't know from whence they come, and he goes out and does what comes natural to him, he can actually tell himself that he's doing these things for the benefit of society, or the beautification of the world and whatnot, but nature knows the real, underlying reason. It's all very logical, very reasonable what I'm saying here. All you have to do is think about it, fight the denial which will surely creep in, and then know it to be true.
  6. QUOTE (edgyspice @ Aug 19 2008, 05:17 PM) QUOTE (moltenlava @ Aug 19 2008, 02:13 PM) I'm already conscious of everything in it and I accept it all as necessary. ...uh, no, you're aren't really, but thanks for playing, Mr. Male Superiority! Edit: I felt bad after leaving this post, but then I reread yours. Men like to f*ck women, therefore we have tall buildings? You have got to be kidding me. See, but that wouldn't be any fault or mine, or reflection on me, if you aren't already well-read in Biology, Anthropology and Human Evolution. Remove the 'male sex-drive' from our species at any time during our long, painful past and see how far our lot advances. The answer is none. Try interjecting 'asexual' reproduction back during the Pleistocene and watch our species die dead in its tracks. There would be no societal advancement without the male's lust for the female form. There always needs to be that carrot-on-a-stick for men to put on their thinking caps and hit the drawing board. And, females have provided that down through the ages. You are a walking carrot on a stick. What you might call 'sexist', I call Objective Reality 101. And, to actually view these ideas as sexist is really just a comment on ignorance and not on the actual thing under consideration. There's nothing wrong with admiring women's bodies if it is done in a respectful manner, which is how my now-defunct thread began its life. First off, they told me the thread was to be moved right away. Which I was counting on. Then, that never happened. So, I don't know why the Mods don't just erase it completely at this point. If they truly don't want it to occupy space in this sub-forum, why not just erase it? Ya know how long it will take for that thread to sink to the bottom?
  7. QUOTE Now if you would like to say anything that isnt an insult to any of the members here by all means. I only insult when insulted. QUOTE ...in a totally sarcastic way in order to mock the women in this forum and lash out over how butthurt you are that your thread went over like a lead balloon. No. In a totally sarcastic way to point out the glaring logical inconsistency. QUOTE No, you asked us to find spank material for you and tried to disguise that request as a critique of beauty standards. That's a mighty difficult way to go about getting material. You know you don't actually believe this. You just don't have an actual retort. QUOTE Since you're a self-proclaimed super-smart dude, why not read this? You say you're, like, way open-minded, so I know you will read it carefully and give the ideas therein some serious thought. This is precisely why 'feminism' lacks any and all credence and why it has gone the way of the garbage heap in terms of valid ideologies. IT attempts to alter or completely irradicate that which is totally natural. And, that will always be a recipe for disaster. 'The Male Gaze' is the fundamental reason and the foundation on which all societies have been built. It's the reason for the tallest skyscrapers and the largest banks. The female form has been expressly designed by nature to extract large amounts of sperm out of the male. And, it's been men's lust for the female form which has led to every advancement, every discovery and breakthrough in human history. It's a formuala you've witnessed every single day even if you haven't already intellectualized the recipe. Men are built with the desire to have sex with women. In order to appear attractive to members of the opposite sex they need resources, plenty of resources to make them stand out against their competitors. Personal ingenuity, work-ethic and perserverance has a direct, positive relation to the gathering of wealth. Thusly, those endowed with these particular traits will have amassed the most sexual conquests over their lifetime, which in a natural setting, will always translate into increased progeny, more offspring. So, 'The Male Gaze' is an INTEGRAL part of our society. In fact, it's the most important variable in the equation of any society. To remove 'The Male Gaze' is to take away the foremost important base instinct and driving force responsible for advanced societies. I'm not too sure why you pointed me towards that article. I'm already conscious of everything in it and I accept it all as necessary.
  8. QUOTE (Ya_Big_Tree @ Aug 19 2008, 10:56 AM) [ Exactly if you dont like it then dont come in the WOMENS FORUM!!!! Plain and simple although I understand how it might be asking too much for a mind as narrow as yours is. That, in of itself is hilarious. The LAST thing I could ever be accused of is narrowmindedness. If you only knew. You couldn't find a more open-minded, more intellectual-minded person if you scoured MENSA. Wow, you're horrible at reading people. All I pointed out is just how much nice and ripe man-flesh there is around this joint. But, I go and start a thread about attractive women (totally respectful, mind you) and all of sudden it's all about objectifying women and more along the lines of that double-standard nonsense. If there's anything I totally despise in another person it's logical inconsistency.
  9. There's so much succulent juiciness 'round these parts. I just wanna take a nice big ol' bite of man-flesh right about now....Oh, break it off in me, Senor Soggybottom. Break-it-off....I think Alex looks like a pretty, eighteen year old German girl in the above photo.
  10. This is real difficult because its always gunna be the most recent shows which are the freshest in your mind. I saw Rush, Black Sabbath and The Police last year, and those shows are crystal pluckin' clear in my mind. Shows from twenty years ago are kinda lost to a haze of pot and booze. And, if I wasn't such a putz I woulda seen Return to Forever last week. And I'm bettin' that this spectacle woulda topped all others. RTF is such a well-oiled machine that they make even Rush look a little rusty.
  11. QUOTE (GeddyRulz @ Aug 13 2008, 12:12 AM) I'll admit to not much interest in any Joni release sans Jaco. That kills Court and Spark. I agree with you about Mingus; that's a bit boring, IMO. Don Juan's Reckless Daughter is also a tad boring. The Joni/Jaco album to have is Hejira; a masterpiece. Of course, I knew about the entire lineup for the Shadows and Light stuff, but I didn't think YOU would... so I didn't mention the other guys. If you didn't know the names Michael Brecker, Don Alias, and Lyle Mays, it would've just been name-dropping on my part to mention them, so I left them out. Believe me, bro. You most certainly WILL want Court & Spark. Hejira and C & C are the best overall albums of the 70's. I think Mystic Slipperman will second this notion. It wasn't Jaco who made Hejira great. He just added to the cosmetics and presentation. And, C & C doesn't suffer one bit for his absence. You can sell back Mingus and get that one. You won't be disappointed. What I need to be doin' is getting my mitts on that DVD. What about Michael Brecker? You interested in his work at all?
  12. QUOTE (LoneStar Boogie @ Jan 3 2008, 11:16 AM) For this album, I was able to look past the fact that Steve Howe was barely on it, that his guitar sound/tone was horribly thin and compressed, and that he was in England while the other three guys were in the Caribbean during the recording. They would mail tapes to him, and he would record his parts and mail them back. Maybe his parts made it, maybe they didn't. If read interviews with Howe where he has said he had great parts for Fist of Fire that never made it on the album. The "In the Big Fream" documentary trys to make it look like Howe was there, that he was in the studio while the rest of the guys were playing Cricket, but that was just some clever editing. I had very low expectations going into this album. And, they were all confirmed. Right off the bat, it was obvious to me that the musical environment of the late 80's was just about the worst place that the classic lineup of YES could be forced to work. I don't know the technical jargon necessary to give an accurate accounting of what's going on here with the production....but, I sum it up with one word - 'sterile'. Same deal as with Presto, and during the same exact year, it seems like they wrote a bunch of songs and then deliberately drained all the life out of them with a sterile production job. I think that the specific copy I have here might even be compounding the damage. Mine says Arista- BMG special product. And, the reason I'm wondering about the distribution is because there's absolutely no bass frequencies at all on this recording. Even the guitars are missing all bottom-end. THIN as an anorexic lass on diuretics. Thank goodness, Squire wasn't a part of this project. Because all of his work would have been wasted on this super thin mix anyhow. There's decents moments of creativity scattered throughout the album. Few and far in between, but they're there. But, something like Teakbois is enough to drive a man to murder. It's awful and I want to stab it repeatedly....The ABWH tunes on 'Union' are far superior to everything here, with the exception of Order of the Universe. And, say what you will about that album, but at least it doesn't make me want to kill.
  13. QUOTE (Kudzu @ Aug 12 2008, 02:44 AM) I always liked Pyramid, Eye in the Sky, I Robot, and Ammonia Avenue way better than Turn of a Friendly Card. And The Bravery is indie rock. They're okay. Really? ToaFC is one of the worse ones? I heard various singles from the band and thought they were too commercial for my tastes. Then I got Friendly Card and saw some overall depth in that recording. But, you're saying that I'd be better off with the others. I heard good things about I Robot. Maybe that's the next one.
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