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  1. The guy on the right says "I'm a big Meters fan" then goes on to say they are from New York. As anyone the least bit familiar with the Meters knows, they are actually from New Orleans. When I heard that, I knew these guys had no credibility whatsoever.
  2. When it comes to rock and metal shows, the presence of a seat does not compel someone to use it to sit down. It simply offers them the possibility of sitting down if they so choose. Another music forum I'm on recently had this debate too. Someone summed it up quite nicely I thought: If the artist onstage is playing loud/rocking music, then the crowd has every right to stand. If the artist onstage is playing soft/acoustic music, then the crowd can be expected to sit. I've never been asked to sit at a concert and hope to never run into that. It has happened to me at other shows. Here are a few anecdotes of my experiences. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - I was in about the 12th row back from the stage. Everyone in front of me was standing. I stood too. A guy behind me asked me to sit down. I said no. He insisted on it. I asked him if he expected me to ask everyone in front of me to sit down too. He said yes. I just laughed and turned back toward the stage, continuing to stand. CSNY - I was in the 2nd row from the back of the building. The people behind me were sitting. I sat for most of the show and then stood up to rock out during a favorite rocking song. They asked me to sit down. I did so because I wanted to listen to the song rather than argue with them. Heaven & Hell/Alice Cooper/Queensryche- I was in the Orchestra but fairly far back (at Jones Beach). The guy next to me and I were both standing (I didn't know him). Two guys in back of us told us we should sit down. We said no and kept standing. They eventually gave up. I turned around when the show was over & they were already gone. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - I was in the lower bowl about halfway back at Nassau Coliseum. A woman diagonally in back of me asked me to sit down. I said no. She called over a security guard and he told her that lots of people were standing and he couldn't make me sit down. I stood for the rocking songs and sat down for the mellow ones. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - I was in the 5th row stage right at the Apollo Theater on Halloween. My whole row was standing up (during the rocking songs only). People behind us yelled for us to sit down. A guy right behind me got more & more abusive, telling me that his wife stands all day at work. I responded that I did too (was true back then). This couple was younger than me and not physically disabled at all. I sat for the 2nd set & encore as the only way I could have shut this asshole up was to hit him in the face. I turned around when the show was over & they were already gone.
  3. Yefa

    cool RUSH story

    Yesterday I was at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA to volunteer at a charity event called Can't Stop The Serenity. More info on this charity is linked below in case you'd like to check it out. http://www.cantstoptheserenity.com I wore my Time Machine tour tshirt to the event. A fellow volunteer and I were doing something in the lobby as folks were filing in for the movie. A staff member from the Coolidge comes up to me and compliments me on the shirt. I thank him. He then tells me that his friend and former coworker who used to live there but now is in Chicago happens to run RushCon (!) and could he take a photo of my shirt to send to her? I say sure thing and ask if she's on TRF. He says it's very likely the case. He told me her first name but I am blanking on it now. Another guy also complimented me on the shirt and we talked a bit about and CA and the upcoming tour. So I guess you never know when/where you might end up having a conversation related to the band!
  4. Family Portraits: A Trilogy Of America Black Sunday (also others by Mario Bava including The Whip And The Body, Black Sabbath, Kill Baby Kill, Twitch Of The Death Nerve, and Lisa And The Devil) Suspiria (also others by Dario Argento such as The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Deep Red, Inferno, Tenebre, Opera, and The Stendhal Syndrome) The Seventh Victim Cat People (haven't seen remake but it also has many fans...need to check that one out) I Walked With A Zombie The Curse Of The Cat People The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original...in fact, when I mention a film that has been remade, I'm referring to the original...despite the remake of Dawn Of The Dead being a good film, the original is better...most of the horror remakes are awful compared to the originals) Last House On The Left The Hills Have Eyes A Nightmare On Elm Street Halloween Black Christmas Lips Of Blood (also others by Jean Rollin, great French horror director) Ringu (dvd name for original Japanese Ring film) A Tale Of Two Sisters The Beyond (zombie flick by Lucio Fulci...also check out his zombie films Zombie and City Of The Living Dead) Night Of The Living Dead/Dawn Of The Dead/Day Of The Dead Audition Carnival Of Souls Motel Hell Dead Alive M The Black Cat (30s film with Karloff and Lugosi) Phantasm Let The Right One In The Devil Rides Out The Wicker Man Tombs Of The Blind Dead Pieces Troll 2 (hilarious so-bad-it's-great movie) The Devils Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer Psycho (big Hitchcock fan...other favorites include Notorious, Strangers On A Train, Rear Window, and Vertigo) Werewolf Shadow Fight For Your Life Witchfinder General (known as The Conqueror Worm in the U.S., this starred Vincent Price as the title character...unlike many of his famous films, this is not campy but rather quite serious...Price is great in the role) Twins Of Evil Night Of The Demon (original UK title...known in the U.S. as Curse Of The Demon) Blood On Satan's Claw The Night Of The Hunter
  5. QUOTE (t2s @ Jun 18 2012, 09:39 PM)Troll 2 This is my all-time favorite "so bad it's good" movie. It is utterly inspired mayhem and weirdness that I recommend to everyone I know. The bologna sandwich and popcorn scenes are landmarks in cinema history. Also the girl dancing in her room...gotta mention that too.
  6. My first show was 9/17/07 at Madison Square Garden.
  7. A friend and I recently watched the two feature films from the 60s that star Peter Cushing as the Doctor. We then watched the documentary Dalekmania that came with the set. The films are lots of fun and Cushing is great as always, but it's strange to have a Doctor who is referred to as "Doctor Who" rather than simply "The Doctor" and is human rather than an alien.
  8. I don't need to know the setlist before buying tickets to a show. I lucked out and got 2nd row for the Bridgeport show. I'm thinking of adding more shows on this tour...particularly Manchester as I've never seen on opening night and then I wouldn't have to avoid setlist spoilers all the way until October 10.
  9. I completely agree on rushgoober's high praise for the following albums. Can - Tago Mago Amon Duul II - Dance of the Lemmings There's a fairly recent reissue of Tago Mago with added material that I need to pick up. I'm not a big fan of double dipping in general, but Tago Mago is one of my all-time favorites so it's a necessity. Try to find something by the Swedish band Trad Gras Och Stenar. I love their music. Also check out the Finnish band Circle. They have a wide variety of music so it might be best to ask the dealer about the different titles to determine which ones sound best to you.
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