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  1. QUOTE (PocketfullofSilver @ Sep 7 2012, 07:25 PM) holy crap if this is real Nov 3rd cant come soon enough! I need some CA though! Gotta have Anarchist and Seven Cities. p.s. If they somehow pull out In the End I will streak the Tampa show, someone bring bail money please.
  2. QUOTE (PocketfullofSilver @ Sep 7 2012, 07:13 PM) 1-0-0-1-0-0-1-0-0-1....I am now erect SOS hahahahaha
  3. QUOTE (Sheldon Cooper @ Sep 7 2012, 07:05 PM) QUOTE (default236 @ Sep 7 2012, 08:03 PM) QUOTE (SchemingDemon @ Sep 7 2012, 06:02 PM) Anyone else listening to the songs as they're being posted? How?! iPod...Cd Player...iTunes... yes!
  4. Ive been monitoring CNN too but they haven't mentioned anything...WTF?
  5. i told my wife Id be online here for several hours and i got this look
  6. I say we have over 300 people here tomorrow night waiting for news and having a party!
  7. Yes, the wife dragged me to this movie, though i do love well acted dramas, this is one of those movies. As a couple with 20 years of marriage, a recent separation (and reconciliation a few months later) we thought there might be some good moments in here for us. And boy was there. Anyone in a long term marriage should see this movie; heart warming, funny, very well written and bitter sweet in many ways, it really explores deep marital issues from a clinical yet entertaining way.
  8. the whole excerpt read like a middle school novel. I don't mean written for middle schoolers, I mean written by middle schoolers. He may be a good writer, I don't know, but the text I saw looks awful.
  9. the most interesting thing I see here is what appears to be a completely revamped overhead lighting truss. I hope it moves!!!!
  10. I found the writing style pedantic.. "But why not just think about your day? There's enough to do here in Barrel Arbor." "That's too small. I can't stop thinking big." I mean really, does he have to use those exact words in a quote? there are so many better ways to capture that feeling. I can see Neil saying to KJA "Hey, don;t forget to say that he can;t stop thinking big!" KJA rolls his eyes. Really? Really?
  11. i thought it came out the day before the show... btw, following!
  12. QUOTE (BrightAntennae @ Aug 28 2012, 07:13 PM) My "guess" is we'll hear strings on: The Anarchist Halo Effect The Wreckers The Garden Mission Losing It I'm surprised it's only 6 songs (approximately) as rumored by FOH. I was expecting at least a couple more. If they do Losing it with strings, I will.....lose it!
  13. QUOTE (Phantom @ Aug 27 2012, 06:24 AM) Given that we're a week and a half away from opening night, I'm surprised that no one from inside or outside the camp has indicated how rehearsals are going. Alex spoke a while ago about really looking forward to how the strings would sound in rehearsal. I've also been wondering where the guys are rehearsing, as at this point, they'd have the full blown production/lighting etc going..... i spoke with the usual leak source over the weekend and he said they are setting up the stage now and photos will be coming out any day...peeks...like last time...
  14. QUOTE (Simon @ Aug 25 2012, 10:19 AM) Different Stages for me, because I love Neil's drum sound, the slower paced, more relaxed performances (particularly Freewill), and the fact that they did the whole of 2112, possibly for the last time. I hate the Different Stages collection (I saw this live in West Palm Beach 2nd row) because the band simply sounds off. Neil's timing is so bad in some songs its painful. The audio mix interesting but to me the performance is sub-par for Rush.
  15. QUOTE (RUDT @ Aug 6 2012, 01:55 PM) exit stage left, because i was there and that they were at their peak. It's only too short... +1 ESL for me too. Although I pray for the day when ALL the raw tapes from that tour are recompiled and remastered. The ESL video has Bytor and one of the intro sequences has an audio clip from The Camera Eye. These must get remastered and included in a DVD set. Remember, these were all limited to the lengths of an audio cassette or LP.
  16. QUOTE (Lost In Xanadu @ Aug 21 2012, 10:54 AM) I say 4. Just because. I love sports, but don't get hung up on the numbers like stat geeks. I really am not a fan of much Sci Fi - absolutely hate anything Star Trek. I do love my gadgets though... my ipod, my smart phone, etc etc. But I love my firearms and power tools just as much. I can fix the car, rewire the house and cut down a tree all in the same weekend. +1 Except I posted a 2 as I guess I'm a bit more manly
  17. How long do you usually run for? I do between 3 and 6 miles usually. I love to run to CA because the BPM is pretty consistent and each song pushes me however my Foo Fighters playlist may soon be back in rotation. I really love this album. But I usually only listen when I can hear the whole thing or the majority of it.
  18. please rate me. I will not be complete unless I have your approval Mission Xanadu Analog Kid Edited for clarity: Looking for a composite score based on the above
  19. I'm of the mind set that we'll see one more. I anticipate something much softer and introspective that would be a fitting swan song for a 40th anniversary .
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