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  1. tangled up in blue (sheets) #becauseghost
  2. I stood there and hummed I tapped on her drum I asked her "How come?" and she buttoned her boot and straightened her suit then she said, “Don’t get cute” so I forced my hands in my pockets and felt with my thumbs and gallantly handed her my very last piece of gum ^ just not really moving me
  3. if you don't dig chemosynthetic ecosystems I don't know why you'd even wake up
  5. I mean I'm guessing you guys already know that a chemotroph is just an organism that like obtains its energy by oh you know oxidizing electron donors, right?
  6. some sanding and painting to do, otherwise...
  7. and what if I don't like his lyrics, either ;)
  8. "I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside." - SPM
  9. the pronouncement could be a shirt something you don't forget
  10. Good - I'd like to get 'God Of Pants' restored. It's been on my mind for a while now. :)
  11. CONGRATS Mr. Not last won the day on August 8 2014 Mr. Not had the most liked content!
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